Hosted Telephony ServicesHosted-Telephony

With a 25-year history in telephony services, Opus offers industry leading hosted telephony services to meet the demands of any sized organisation.

With stylish robust handsets and an easy-to-use web interface providing a broad range of call handling features, the Opus hosted telephony service delivers enterprise level voice communications with un-rivalled flexibility and mobility.

Choose handsets and features on a per-user basis, although many come as standard and avoid capital expenditure with a simple monthly fee for the services.

Add additional users as needed and benefit from easy office moves and business continuity.

On Demand Services

As you’re not buying a phone system, there’s no major hardware investment and no financing costs to consider. We host the platform on your behalf, you only pay for what you need on a simple per-seat basis. Add additional users and services quickly and easily at any time.

Never Miss a Call

Our hosted telephony service integrates your fixed and mobile capabilities so that you never miss a call. Callers need only dial one number to reach your desk and mobile phones, on-going calls can be moved seamlessly from one device to another without hanging up and a singe voicemail box can be accessed from any device.

Call Queuing Capability

Present a professional image to your customers by managing incoming calls effectively and delivering them to groups as users become available. Additionally provide constant information and choices to your callers, reducing the risk of losing valuable incoming calls.

Business Continuity

Hosted telephony services ensure you maintain business as usual during unexpected events such as snow, floods and strikes. The hosted platform simply sits in the cloud and provides business continuity features that allow your organisation to carry on making and taking calls, whatever the circumstances

How can Opus help you?

The experienced team at Opus can offer advice and information about hosted telephony services to compliment your IT infrastructure and provide a single point of contact for all of your cloud based IT and telephony needs.

For more information about our Hosted Telephony Service call 03300 245 245 or send us an email.