of Excellence

First class customer service, dealing with your enquiry quickly and efficiently

Following our 7 step process allows us to not only exceed your expectations, but also endeavour to proactively minimise the possibility or re-occurrence of disruption to your business, so you always stay connected with your customers.

For example if you were to report a fault we would endeavour to work to the following common standards using our:


Customer Service Wheel


LISTEN Listen and ask key questions based on our wealth of experience

UNDERSTAND Confirm our understanding of your requirements before we engage the correct team

MITIGATE Help minimise the effects of the issue whilst we work to resolve the problem

COMMUNICATE Agree with you on what basis you want to be kept updated as and when required

ACT Work with all resources to fix the fault, adhering to product or service contracted SLA’s

REMEDY Ensure that we explain in jargon-free terms what was the cause of the issue and what was done to fix the problem

PREVENT Proactively identify any possible changes or solutions that could be implemented to prevent the fault from re-occurring in the future

Please feel free to contact me if you require any clarification on how we deal with faults for our customers.

Georgina McKenna  Service Delivery Manager

DDI: 020 8545 8228