Storage IT-Storage

Opus offers a range of cutting-edge data storage solutions that can optimise your business performance and maximise data protection.
Our partnership with industry leading storage vendors allow us to provide tailored storage solutions for companies of all sizes.

Regardless of your storage requirement, all of our solutions are designed to help you reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure.

Data Storage Solutions

Storage Area Network

SAN solutions allow for low-latency, high-bandwidth connections to your data. SANs offer flexibility and can easily be scaled to meet future needs. SAN storage is an ideal solution for companies looking for long-term, tailored, high performance storage.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS storage can serve data quickly and reliably across a growing range of workloads. NAS storage is affordable, reliable and scalable. Intelligent enough to support vitualised server environments and capable of seamless replication between devices.

Off Site Secure UK Based Storage

Our off site storage provides a virtual filing cabinet in secure, diverse UK data centres.  Essential data is encrypted then backed up on a frequent recurring basis, at least daily.  Critical company information can then easily be retrieved in the event of a disaster, such as equipment failure, fire, flood or theft.

How can Opus help you?

In addition to storage infrastructure, Opus offers a range of management services for your ICT system. We employ a handful of storage experts who can offer advise on data preservation and replication.

For help, advice and pricing for Data Storage Solutions please call us on 03300 245 245 or send us an email.