Continuity, Back-up and Disaster RecoveryDisaster-Recovery

We all know that there are risks associated with having all of your eggs in one basket, particularly when it comes to business. Should the worst happen and a disaster occurs, losing key data about clients, accounts and business processes can have a huge financial impact on a business.

To mitigate this possibility, we offer a range of Continuity, Back-up and Disaster Recovery solutions, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

IT Continuity

Should a disaster happen, your business IT functions should continue to operate without interruption. This scenario can be achieved by running two (or more) concurrent IT platforms, with no single point of failure, providing a fully redundant, fully resilient solution. This option is available but can prove costly.

Here at Opus, we work with clients, to understand the business critical IT functions and identify the minimum requirements that can maintain business operations and design a cost effective Continuity solution that suits their needs.

We understand that businesses rely on equipment, software, buildings and people, and we provide IT Continuity solutions that enable clients to meet ISO, FCA (and other) compliance requirements. We provide documentation, reporting and training for compliance.

Back-up Services

Our back-up services provide a virtual filing cabinet, off-site, in secure UK data centres, where essential data is backed up frequently, at least daily, such that critical company information can be retrieved in the event of on-site equipment failure, fire, flood or theft.

Advanced encryption and highly secure UK data centres that are manned 24/7 mean that your data is transported and stored safely and securely.

In addition, we take snap shots of our client’s data at agreed intervals, such that should on-site files become corrupted we can roll back clients data, to a point in time before the failures or corruption occurred.

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IT Disaster Recovery

Our IT Disaster Recovery service, puts in place a plan for clients, to restore their business to full running, in the event of a disaster occurring. It takes into account a client’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), essentially identifying how long a business can survive without IT systems.

We then put in place a predefined plan, to recover servers, desktops and any other critical IT equipment, within an agreed time frame, so that your business can be up and running when you need it.

How can Opus help you?

Our experienced consultants can advise you on best practice and typical industry standards for your particular business and help you decide upon a suitable IT disaster recovery plan that meets your wider business continuity needs. Our plans are tailored to individual client specifications, operational requirements and budgets.

For more information about our IT Continuity, Back-up and Disaster Recovery services call 03300 245 245 or send us an email.