Hardware ManagementHardware-Management

If you are looking for proactive maintenance and support for your IT hardware, our Hardware Management service offers the perfect solution.

Our Hardware Management service takes care of maintenance, updates and upgrades, problem fixes and organises the replacement of hardware should a failure occur.

Having hardware maintained correctly improves the performance and efficiency of your equipment, enabling essential applications to run more effectively and being in peak health can extend the serviceable life of your hardware, maximising return on investment. When hardware reaches end of life, we will advise on the right replacement and you’ll have access to our competitive wholesale procurement pricing.

Audit and Reports

As a new client you can expect us to carry out a thorough hardware audit to identify the equipment being managed. From this we provide an initial report highlighting any issues and making recommendations where appropriate.

Thereafter we provide clients with regular reports on the status of their hardware and make them aware of any potential risks.

Supported Hardware

Supported hardware includes:

  • Servers, hard drives and storage

  • Switches, routers and firewalls

  • PC’s, laptops and tablets

How can Opus help you?

Placing your hardware management in the hands of Opus Technology can provide you with peace of mind for your hardware, with faster fix times and replacement of faulty equipment.

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