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During the last decade manufacturing in the UK has steadily declined with many businesses relocating their production facilities overseas. However, companies are starting to move back and retain R&D facilities which has created a huge demand on recruitment among graduate workers.

In addition companies are growing and expanding as a result of merges and acquisitions allowing them to enter new markets and territories.


Opus provides seamless IT and unified communication solutions that are easy to manage and cost effective, to help manufacturing companies during periods of intense change.

Not only will your business be more flexible, responsive and scalable but your workforce will be loyal and mobile, which is essential for staff involved in the transportation and distribution process.


  • Retain highly motivated and talented individuals by integrating smartphones and tablets to enable them to work form any location, on any device and allow freelance staff to be federated by bringing their own devise (BYOD).

  • Ensure highly dispersed workforces can work together as if they were in the same location with unified communications. For example, presence and availability enables individuals to be informed about who is available and how they can be contacted.

  • Manage staff presence and availability to ensure communications are handled correctly, by having a single corporate directory, one number, one voicemail box and a secure instant messaging and collaboration environment.

  • When moving from a single site solution to a private or public cloud we protect your investment in IP telephones, software and licensing.

  • Select from a suite of management tools that allow simple web based configuration making the management of your system both simple and cost effective.

  • Effectively manage your customer interaction, both inbound and outbound, by voice, email and web chat with our next generation contact centre solutions. In addition, SMS, social media and mass notification can be integrated to ensure you always stay connected to your customers.

How we can help

Opus specialise in providing IT and communication solutions for manufacturing companies and deliver exceptional customer service. We work closely with you to establish your communication requirements and provide several communication choices with self-service options. We manage your expectations throughout the process and most importantly ensure you receive the largest return on investment.

We understand that a large part of your investment relates to attracting and retaining the best people and providing your staff with the ability to work closely and collaborate with each other, without the need to work in the same locations. Opus can ensure your production operatives are always available to manage and service the production process and that mobile employees are never out of touch regardless of their location.

Most importantly we ensure your infrastructure is flexible, responsive and scalable which is an essential element of any IT solution. We give you the freedom to migrate at your own pace, chose devises, data networks and platforms and can move you from ‘site by site’ to ‘cloud based’ without you having to reinvest in software, licenses or devices and with minimal disruption to your business.

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