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The supply of affordable housing continues to be a main priority. Housing associations must balance the need to minimise cost and improve service levels. As we know the key to excellent customer service is good communication, employees require seamless communications with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


Opus can help you gain competitive advantage through more effective business communications, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by bringing order to operations and increasing the level of housing standards.

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  • Communicate in real-time and achieve location independence with broadband telephony, unified communications, IP-DECT and WiFi telephony which provides seamless support for legacy equipment and collaborative tools for defining presence and a wide range of end user communications tools.

  • Unify communications across different sites cost effectively by retaining your existing phone system and integrating technology to deliver unified messaging, presence, instant messaging, call centre management or multi-media conferencing.

  • Improve collaboration for staff and stakeholders by integrating voice, video and data collaboration applications on the desktop, all in a secure environment, without the added cost of expensive per minute charges.

  • Achieve high Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) rating by utilising call management tools to analyse and manage call traffic effectively. We provide tools such as intelligent call routing, recorded announcements, voice call back, and queue waiting times.

  • Manage employees that are always on the go by taking advantage of communications tools such as hot desking, mobile extension, IP-DECT, WiFi telephony and broadband telephony to liberate your staff from fixed desk communications.

  • Ensure prospective tenants can take advantage of choice based lettings. By routing text messages into the contact centre, people can text in their choices after hours or at time that is most convenient for them.

How we can help

Opus understands the main challenges faced by the property market and as such provides the means for businesses to adopt IP Telephony without breaking the bank. Housing organisations can re-use existing equipment where it makes sense, whilst providing a consistent user experience for all workers, whether mobile, desk based or home based.

We are strategically partnered with industry-leading technological providers and an accredited specialist that can offer new communications tools for presence and availability, designed to define when you are on the phone, in a meeting or away from your desk; conferencing and collaboration tools, allowing users to engage in a conferencing and knowledge sharing environment, as well as tools to enhance mobility and business continuity.

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