Aastra Maintenance

Maintaining and supporting telephone systems since 1992


Opus Telecoms has provided telephone system maintenance services since 1992. As such we have developed the expertise to deliver outstanding Aastra maintenance and support to our customers through our team of highly qualified and trained engineers.

We can ensure your employees have a reliable connection to your business critical data and applications, so your customer service levels, profits and reputation are always maintained. If you transfer your telephone maintenance service contract to us, we can provide the reassurance you need to keep your business fully operational.


  • Complete a free health check on your business communications

  • Dedicate time to truly understand your business and how it operates

  • Suggest areas you could improve productivity and/or reduce costs

  • Review your system programming and make any necessary changes

  • Advise you of available software updates and the benefits of them


  • Our experienced engineers are fully manufacturer trained

  • We have over 100 years combined engineering experience

  • Work on issue resolution, not just responding

  • Direct support contracts with our system manufacturers

  • Provide you with a one stop business communications solution

We provide complete maintenance services on the Aastra, Ascom and Ascotel telephone systems below:

Supported Aastra Telephone Systems

Intelligate 150, IntelliGate 2045, IntelliGate 300, IntelliGate 2065, IntelliGate 2025.

Supported Aastra Telephones

Aastra Office 10, Office 5370IP, Office 25, Office 5380IP, Office 35, 312 WIFI, Office 45, 2380 IP Softphone, Office 45 Pro, 6731 SIP Phone, Office 5360, 6753 SIP Phone, Office 5370, 6755 SIP Phone, Office 5380, 6757 SIP Phone, Office 5360IP.

Superceded Aastra and Ascom Telephone Systems

200, 2050, 2020, 2060, 2030

Superseded Aastra, Ascom and Ascotel Telephones

Office 20 Digital, Office 1600 IP Softphone, Office 30 Digital, Office 60, Office 35 IP, Office 70, Office 40 Digital, Office 80, Office 100 DECT, Office 5360, Office 130 DECT, Office 5370, Office 155 DECT, Office 5380.

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To receive information on pricing or support for Aastra, Ascotel or Ascom maintenance, please call 0800 316 7566 or send an email and we’ll get back to you.