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Azure Virtual WAN

What is Azure Virtual WAN?

Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service provided by Microsoft Azure, that offers a streamlined and automated solution for connecting branch offices, data centres, and the Azure cloud. At its core, it employs a hub-and-spoke network topology, simplifying the management of wide-area networking (WAN) infrastructure. 

Azure Virtual WAN empowers organisations to establish a more efficient, scalable, and secure WAN architecture. By simplifying connectivity across distributed locations and enhancing overall network performance, it becomes a highly valuable tool for organisations with diverse and geographically dispersed network needs.

Global Transit Network

One of the core features of Azure Virtual WAN is the establishment of a global transit network. This network allows traffic to flow directly between branch offices and data centres without the need for backhauling through the central hub. The result is reduced latency and improved overall network performance, contributing to a more efficient data transfer process.

An automated approach to establishing secure connections

Automation is a key aspect of Azure Virtual WAN, particularly in establishing secure connections between branch offices. This automated approach eliminates the need for manual configuration, making it easier for organisations to create and manage connections securely. Furthermore, Azure Virtual WAN integrates seamlessly with other Azure services like Azure Firewall and VPN Gateway, enhancing security and providing additional connectivity options.

SD WAN integration

For organisations utilising Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions, Azure Virtual WAN offers integration capabilities. This integration enables the leveraging of SD-WAN features for optimising and managing WAN traffic effectively. With a global presence, Azure Virtual WAN caters to organisations with a worldwide footprint, providing a unified and well-connected network infrastructure.

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