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Cyber Essentials

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a robust, UK government-endorsed certification designed to safeguard businesses of all sizes from a diverse range of common cyber threats. It is a requirement to have obtained Cyber Essentials for many UK Government contracts and many businesses are opting to be certified in both Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management).

The two types of Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials

The self-assessment option furnishes protection against prevalent cyber threats. Shielding against basic attacks is crucial, as susceptibility to such intrusions can attract more sophisticated attention from cyber criminals. Certification provides confidence that your defences can repel the majority of common cyber attacks, as these threats typically target entities lacking the technical controls outlined in Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials Plus

While retaining the straightforward approach characteristic of Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus entails a hands-on technical verification process. The prescribed protective measures remain the same, but this certification involves a practical validation.

Alternatively, individuals can acquaint themselves with cybersecurity terminology, acquiring sufficient knowledge to commence securing their IT infrastructure.

What are the benefits of the Cyber Essentials certification?


Certified Cybersecurity

Demonstrate your commitment to securing your IT environment against cyber threats.

Customer Reassurance

Instil confidence in customers by showcasing your dedication to cybersecurity.

Clear Cybersecurity Insight

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s cybersecurity standing.

UK Government Contracts/Bids

Certain government contracts necessitate Cyber Essentials certification, especially those involving sensitive information or specific technical products and services.

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