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Managed Cloud

What is Managed Cloud?

Managed Cloud is a cloud computing service where a third-party provider such as Opus, takes responsibility for the management, security, and optimisation of cloud IT infrastructure on behalf of their client. This includes overseeing infrastructure setup, continuous performance monitoring, implementing security measures, managing backups and disaster recovery, applying updates, ensuring scalability, providing technical support, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Managed Cloud services enable organisations to leverage cloud benefits without the burden of day-to-day management, this enables them to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives instead.

What are the benefits of Managed Cloud services?

Access Specialist Expertise and Support

Managed Cloud providers bring specialised skills and experience, offering expert guidance and support for cloud infrastructure.

Benefit from Cost Savings

By outsourcing cloud management, organisations can reduce the need for in-house IT staff and associated training, potentially leading to cost savings.

Enhance overall Efficiency

Providers ensure high availability, reliability, and optimal performance of cloud resources, minimising downtime and enhancing overall system efficiency.

Security and Compliance

Managed Cloud services include robust security measures, ensuring data protection and compliance with industry regulations. Providers implement and update security protocols to address evolving threats.

Fully Scalable

Managed Cloud services facilitate the seamless scalability of resources based on organisational needs, allowing for efficient adjustments in response to changing workloads.

Enables you to Focus on Core Competencies

Organisations can concentrate on their core business functions and strategic initiatives, as routine cloud management tasks are handled by the service provider.

Benefit from Proactive Monitoring

Continuous monitoring enables early detection of issues, allowing for prompt resolution and minimising the impact on operations.

Remain Secure with Regular Updates and Patching

Managed Cloud providers handle routine updates, patches, and maintenance tasks, ensuring that the cloud infrastructure remains current and secure.

Safeguard Data with Disaster Recovery and Backup

Providers implement robust disaster recovery plans and backup strategies, safeguarding data and ensuring business continuity in case of unforeseen events.

By leveraging these benefits, organisations can optimise their use of cloud technologies and offload the complexities of the management of their IT infrastructure.

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