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Mobile Application Management (MAM)

What is Mobile Application Management (MAM)?

Mobile Application Management (MAM) refers to the set of processes and technologies used by organisations to control and secure the lifecycle of mobile applications (apps) on users’ devices. The primary goal of MAM is to ensure the security of corporate data and applications while maintaining the privacy and usability of personal devices. MAM is often part of a broader Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) strategy.

Mobile Application Management is particularly beneficial in environments where employees use personal devices for work purposes, as it allows organisations to implement security measures without requiring full control over the entire device. This strikes a balance between securing corporate data and respecting the privacy of the users on their personal devices.

The key benefits of Mobile Application Management

App Distribution

MAM solutions facilitate the controlled distribution of mobile apps to users’ devices. This may involve deploying apps directly from an enterprise app store or leveraging public app stores with management capabilities.

App Configuration

Organisations can configure and customise app settings, such as access controls, security policies, and user preferences, to align with the organisations requirements. This can be done without affecting the overall device settings.

App Security Policies

MAM allows administrators to define security policies for individual apps, ensuring that corporate data within those apps is protected. This may include encryption, data loss prevention, and restrictions on app-to-app communication.

Access Controls

Mobile Application Management provides tools to manage user access to apps and data based on factors such as user roles, device compliance, and network conditions and conditional access policies help enforce security requirements.

App Separation

With MAM, corporate apps and data are isolated from personal apps and content on the device. This helps prevent data leakage and ensures a clear separation between work and personal data.

App Updates and Patching

MAM solutions assist in managing app updates and patches, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and security enhancements. This can be especially important for maintaining a secure app environment.

App Analytics and Reporting

MAM administrators can gather insights into app usage, performance, and user behaviour through analytics and reporting features to aid in decision-making and policy adjustments.

App Removal and Wiping

In the event of a security incident or when an employee leaves the organisation, MAM enables administrators to remotely remove or wipe corporate apps and data from the device, without affecting personal content.

Integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MAM is often integrated with Mobile Device Management solutions to provide a comprehensive approach to managing both devices and the applications on those devices.

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