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Learn how Opus transformed customer experience for IMI’s 70,000 Institute members

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IMI Case Study

Mitel Platinum Solutions Partner

Founded in 1920 the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) is a 100-year-old Professional Body for the Automotive Industry.  Located in the Grade II listed building Fanshaws, which the IMI has occupied since the 1960’s, the Institute’s 100 staff supports 70,000 members who are professionals in the automotive industry.

Members are not just customers to the Institute. The relationship the IMI has with its members very much involves two way communication. Automotive industry professionals are investing in their professional future by becoming an IMI member, looking for learning, career and business support, as well as ensuring a successful future for their profession.

The two-way relationship required in order for staff to effectively support the members required both human and technical resources to efficiently manage all membership contact.

We spoke to IMI about how Opus helped support them during the COVID-19 pandemic and how we have now become an extension of their own IT team.

Intelligent Routing

“I feel that our relationship with Opus is a true partnership. They are an extension of my own IT department who I turn to for advice and support.”

Head of HR and Business Support 

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“I feel that our relationship with Opus is a true partnership. They are an extension of my own IT department who I turn to for advice and support.”

Head of HR & Business Support

“Partnering with Opus has elevated the perception of Unite IT Team within the organisation.  The kit is fantastic and the service and support from Opus is excellent.”

Paul Mease 
IT Director, Unite the Union

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The Problem

IMI’s Head of HR & Business Support explained that previously, different inbound communications had been spread amongst different departments and this was causing dissatisfaction amongst members as they were being passed around the building and queries were not being handled in a timely manner.

Time for Change

The Institute took the decision to restructure their member engagement team to take all in-bound communications in one area. This meant they needed a contact centre solution to improve the member’s engagement experience and to be
able to monitor, track and analyse the type of communication they were receiving.

A professional contact centre solution was required to make communication with IMI easier, more reliable and simpler for both the members and the engagement team. As a result, the Institute went to market for a new communications provider.

Choosing Opus

The Institute went through a ‘beauty parade’ of providers, each presenting to the Executive Director team. The Institute had been using 5-6 different databases in silos which required a significant amount of manual data entry. Opus proposed a new technology ecosystem which provided visibility of live projects, associated revenues and VIP members, whilst proposing a Mitel omni-channel contact centre to manage social media interactions, in addition to more traditional voice calls and emails.

Opus was chosen to take on the contract of project managing, installing, training and rolling out, a Mitel contact centre and MiCollab phone system for the IMI.

The Solution

The solution comprised of a Mitel MiVoice Business platform with Unified Communications and Collaboration, hosted on the Institute’s own VMware infrastructure, together with a Mitel omni-channel contact centre solution. This was overlaid with a bespoke dashboard and integration of the multiple databases, to deliver a simple user interface to the member engagement team.

This was further enhanced with chat bots, AI and a PCI compliant payment solution, together with website co-browsing to deliver a unique customer experience to the IMI members. Internet connectivity was also boosted to improve reliability and business continuity with two separate data circuits into the contact centre.

The Implementation

Asked about the implementation the Head of HR & Business Support said, “Opus provided a dedicated project manager and a design architect to assist in managing the installation which really helped.”

“They provided a clear project plan with timelines that were agreed in advance, which included the agreed training. Opus kept to the agreed timelines and deadlines and I received very positive feedback from our staff on the training that Opus provided.”

The Impact

The member engagement team now manages up to 800 enquiries a week. Asked about the impact that the new solution has had on IMI, the Head of HR & Business Support said, “Our member engagement team are all using the Mitel Ignite* software on the contact centre and they all find the system has helped them hugely to service our members’ needs and also to keep track of their targets. It has provided them with the tools to support our members in the way they believe they should.”

She went on to say, “The Mitel MiCollab phone system for the rest of the business has assisted greatly with remote working and our business continuity. It also helps us to keep track of where everyone is and what they are doing through the ability to change individual statuses on MiCollab Client. You instantly know if someone is on annual leave or in a meeting.”


*Web Ignite is the software that departments use to manage inbound phone calls, voicemails, emails, texts and chats where several people are responding to customers.

Covid-19 Support

“When Covid-19 lockdown started, the Opus team where incredibly helpful and supportive. Every time I contacted John with any issue, he was available and able to help me to get our staff sorted out as quickly as possible.

Even though the Opus team where probably swamped with calls from other organisations that they support, they still managed to get all our requests prioritised and completed as quickly as possible. In my mind that really demonstrated their commitment to their clients.”

Head of HR & Business Support, IMI

Partnering with Opus

Asked to describe her overall experience of partnering with Head of HR & Business Support said, “Since I have taken over the IT support for the IMI, I have dealt with our Opus account manager John many times. I do not have a technical background and John really helps me by providing options and alternatives that would fit our requirements. He thinks longer-term and understands our long term goals.

“Since I have been working with Opus, we have upgraded our whole Mitel contact centre and MiCollab system across the business and we have installed a larger leased line to significantly improve our internet access.”

“As part of our business continuity planning, we have also worked with Opus to ensure all staff members are connected and able to use their phones remotely, including the contact centre agents and our receptionist. This meant we were in a much better position than many other businesses when the Covid-19 lockdown was imposed. It only took us a week to get everyone up and running at home with virtually no issues.”

She went on to say, “I feel that our relationship with Opus is a true partnership. They are an extension of my own IT department who I turn to for advice and support. We wouldn’t be where we are on our digital transformation plan without the Opus team.”

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