Opus contracts have a fixed term which is outlined on each order you place with us. If you require any information regarding your contract and/or it’s termination with Opus, please contact us at accounts@opustech.co.uk

You may end your contract with us at any time, in writing, by sending an email to accounts@opustech.co.uk indicating that you wish to terminate and why. Please be advised that termination of your contract may attract Early Termination Charges as detailed in the relevant Terms & Conditions of your contract with us.

Notifications regarding termination must be supplied in writing. If sent by letter it should be sent recorded and signed by the authorised signatory of the business. If sent via email, this must be sent by the authorised person within your business and it will not be accepted as served without acknowledgement from Opus that it has been received and processed accordingly.

We will provide best endeavours to contact you at least 3 months prior to the end of any major contracts with Opus, if we deem there are more suitable contract renewal terms available to you at that time, with a comparison to your current charges.


Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of your contract with Opus for further information.