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Virtual Contact Centre

What is a virtual contact centre?

A virtual contact centre represents a customer support operation that operates without a physical office, instead relying on a network of remote contact centre agents. These agents work from various locations, including their homes or remote offices, using various communication channels such as phone, email, and chat to handle customer interactions, much like traditional contact centres.

The primary advantage of a virtual contact centre is its inherent flexibility and scalability. By omitting the need for a physical facility, businesses can enjoy substantial cost savings. Virtual contact centres leverage modern cloud-based technology and communication tools, fostering superior customer experiences and agent productivity. This digital infrastructure enables businesses to stay connected and interact efficiently with customers while enjoying the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of remote operations.

Tapping in to a broader talent pool outside of a set geographic area, gives the contact centre managers an opportunity to create a diverse workforce. Virtual contact centres are able to recruit agents with varied skills and language proficiencies, enhancing their ability to cater to a global customer base.

Scalability is another crucial advantage of virtual contact centres. These operations can quickly adapt to fluctuations in call volumes, seasonality, or unexpected demands. Businesses can swiftly onboard additional agents during busy periods and, conversely, reduce staffing levels when call volumes decrease, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

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How Opus' contact centre consultants can assist you

Opus are the leading specialist contact centre reseller in the UK. We have a dedicated consultancy team who are technology agnostic in their consultative approach to contact centre design, deployment and ongoing support. Often, a combination of two or more contact centre partners are used to deliver specific business outcomes delivering added value to our clients but also solutions fit for your organisations specific needs.

Our specialist contact centre services include but are not limited to:

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