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AI Summary 

What is an AI summary in a contact centre?

In a contact centre environment, an AI summary is a powerful feature enhancement that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to distil complex customer interactions into concise and relevant insights without a delay. 

AI interaction summaries streamline the process of extracting essential information from each customer interaction, presenting it in a clear and easily accessible format for agents and supervisors. This efficiency-enhancing feature significantly contributes to a quicker response time, heightened agent productivity, and a dedicated approach to delivering outstanding customer experience.

Using AI  and specific prompts to automate the extraction of vital details from lengthy transcripts or recordings, AI summaries eliminate the need for agents to manually sift through extensive communication records and eliminate the risk of making inaccurate notes. AI summaries enable agents to focus their efforts on addressing customer needs effectively and eliminate the time spent recapping call or interaction data.

AI summaries offer valuable insights into customer trends and pain points in real time, aiding supervisors and managers in data-driven decision-making for process improvements and agent training. 

The key benefits of AI Interaction Summary


Saves agent time

It automatically generates accurate summaries of customer interactions, saving agents time.

More calls can be answered

With AI Interaction Summary, agents can quickly move on to assist the next caller without spending the time writing a call notes. 

Better customer experience

Agents can access accurate summaries of previous interactions enabling more meaningful and efficient engagements with customers.

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