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Contact Centre Workforce Engagement Management

What are WFM in a contact centre?

Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) is a comprehensive suite of contact centre software applications strategically crafted to enhance agent engagement throughout the entire employment journey. 

This is achieved by automating a spectrum of tasks, ranging from scheduling and performance management to quality assessment and beyond. In the contemporary business landscape, where organisations vie for superior customer experience (CX), WEM has gained paramount significance.

The term Workforce Engagement Management typically encompasses a spectrum of software functionalities that encompass:

Recruitment and Onboarding: Streamlining the recruitment and onboarding processes to ensure a smooth transition for new agents as they join the contact centre team.

Evaluation and Improvement: Monitoring agent performance and providing tools for continuous improvement, which is vital for maintaining service quality and efficiency.

Time Management: Efficiently managing agent schedules and time allocation, ensuring that the right agents are available when needed.

Assistance and Task Management: Providing assistance and task management tools to guide agents in their daily activities and responsibilities.

Metrics and Recognition: Leveraging key metrics and recognition programs to evaluate agent performance, acknowledge achievements, and motivate agents to excel.

Voice of the Employee: Offering a platform for agents to express their feedback, insights, and concerns, promoting a culture of open communication and collaboration.

The most effective WEM tools are designed with agents in mind and promote engagement through various means, including flexible scheduling, ongoing professional development opportunities, transparent data access, and other features that enhance agent commitment to organisational goals. Engaged agents are more likely to go the extra mile to deliver exceptional customer experiences, making WEM a vital component of contact centre success in the age of heightened competition based on CX.

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