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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a type of software solution that enables organisations to manage and control mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets) used by their employees. MDM provides a centralised platform for IT administrators to enforce policies, monitor device usage, and ensure the security of mobile devices within an organisation’s network. The primary goals of MDM are to streamline device management, enhance security, and support the efficient deployment and maintenance of mobile devices in an business environment.

Mobile Device Management is particularly beneficial in environments where employees use personal devices (Bring Your Own Device or BYOD) for work purposes. 

The business benefits of Mobile Device Management


Device Enrolment

MDM solutions facilitate the enrolment of mobile devices into the management system. This process establishes a connection between the device and the MDM platform, allowing administrators to apply policies and configurations.

Configuration Management

With MDM administrators can remotely configure email accounts, Wi-Fi settings, VPN configurations, and other parameters to align with organisational policies.

Security Policies

You can enforce security policies on mobile devices with MDM. This may include requiring passcodes or biometric authentication, enabling device encryption, and enforcing compliance with security standards.

App Management

MDM solutions help manage mobile applications on devices. This involves the distribution and installation of apps, updating and patching applications, and ensuring compliance with licensing agreements.

Remote Wipe and Lock

In case of a lost or stolen device or when an employee leaves the organisation, administrators can remotely wipe the device’s data or lock it to prevent unauthorised access.

Monitoring and Reporting

Administrators can track device inventory, monitor compliance with policies, and receive alerts for potential security issues including monitoring device usage and generating reports.

Location Tracking

Some MDM solutions offer location tracking features, allowing administrators to locate devices in real-time. This can be useful for asset tracking or in situations where a device is lost or stolen.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

MDM facilitates the distribution of software updates and patches to mobile devices over the air. This ensures that devices are running the latest operating system and security updates.

App Separation

Corporate data and apps are separated from personal data on the device. This helps maintain a clear division between work and personal information.

Integration with Identity Services

MDM solutions often integrate with identity and access management services, ensuring that only authorised users and devices can access corporate resources.

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