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On premise PBX Telephony

What is On Premise PBX Telephony?

An on-premise phone system is established within the physical premises of your company. In this setup, the data server for the phone system is located within your office.

On-premise Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems are a private telephone network that enable organisations can maintain complete control. Each team member can enjoy personalised features such as a direct dial number, individual handset, and voicemail capabilities. The on premise PBX system provides robust call management functionalities, including call routing, transfers, recording, queuing, comfort messages, on-hold music, and voice menus. Also, as your business expands, an on-premise phone system has the flexibility to scale alongside your growth.

Business benefits of On-Premise PBX Systems

1. Equipment Ownership

Unlike other phone systems where you merely license equipment hosted elsewhere, on-premise PBX allows you to own and control the system’s hardware. If ownership and hands-on control of your hardware are priorities, an on-premise solution may be the ideal fit.

2. Customisation Potential

Having a proficient IT team capable of handling networking matters grants your business the valuable ability to manage and customise its phone system. This flexibility can significantly benefit your operations.

3. Lower Ongoing Costs

Managing an on-premise PBX system typically incurs lower costs compared to maintaining individual lines to the telephone company’s central office for each user.

4. Cost Savings on Feature Sets

Hosted VoIP providers often impose additional charges for certain features. For instance, multiple auto attendants and call queues might come with extra fees. In contrast, an on-premise business IP phone system generally incorporates these feature sets within the base PBX software without additional costs.

5. Independence from Broadband Internet

On-premise PBX systems are not reliant on broadband internet, offering a layer of reliability for businesses. While internet services are generally reliable, occasional disruptions can occur. In areas where copper-based ADSL services are predominant, an on-premise solution can provide more dependable service. This independence is crucial for businesses, as productivity can suffer if voice and fax communications are compromised. Even during internet outages, an on-premise PBX ensures that you can maintain voice communications to compensate for the loss of email functionality.

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