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Call Routing

What is Call Routing?

Call routing is a crucial feature in business phone systems that involves directing incoming calls to specific individuals, departments, or locations based on predetermined criteria. Call routing enhances efficiency, improves customer service, and ensures that calls are directed to the most appropriate resources, contributing to a seamless communication process within organisations.

Common types of call routing 


Sequential Call Routing

Calls are directed to a sequence of predefined destinations in a specific order until the call is answered or reaches the end of the list. Sequential call routing is useful for evenly distributing calls among a team or department.

Simultaneous Call Routing

Calls are sent to multiple destinations simultaneously, and the first to answer takes the call. Simultaneous call routing ensures quick response times by involving multiple team members at once.

Priority-Based Call Routing

Calls are assigned priority levels, and they are routed to higher-priority recipients first before lower-priority ones. Priority based call routing is useful when certain calls require urgent attention or specialised handling.

Time-Based Call Routing

Calls are directed to different destinations based on the time of day, allowing for tailored call handling during business hours, after hours, or weekends. Time-based call routing is best used for managing calls effectively during varying time periods.

Skill-Based Call Routing

Calls are routed to individuals or teams with specific skills or expertise relevant to the nature of the call. Skills-based call routing is beneficial for organisations with specialised departments or teams.

Location-Based Call Routing

Calls are directed to recipients based on their physical location, ensuring calls reach the right individuals or offices. Location-based call routing is suitable for businesses with multiple locations or distributed teams.

Percentage-Based Call Routing

Calls are distributed among multiple destinations based on predefined percentage allocations. Percentage-based call routing is helpful for ensuring a balanced distribution of calls among various departments or team members.

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