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Integrate a fully optimised and scalable unified communications and collaboration solution into your existing infrastructure

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Digital transformation has caused the media and entertainment industry to change at an unprecedented rate. As the barriers to entry and globalisation diminish, established companies are facing more competition from new entrants.

Embracing a forward thinking digital business model means businesses can become more agile, access new channels to market and attract new revenue streams.


Opus has the expertise and knowledge to integrate a fully optimised and scalable unified communications and collaboration solution into your existing infrastructure.

To help you simplify your business, attract and retain critical new digital skills and adapt to changing consumer behaviour.


  • Retain highly motivated and talented individuals by integrating smartphones and tablets to enable them to work from any location, on any device and allow freelance staff to be federated by bringing their own devise (BYOD).

  • Effectively manage your customer interaction by voice, email and web chat with our next generation contact centre solutions. In addition, SMS, social media and mass notification can be integrated to ensure you always stay connected to your customers.

  • Ensure you remain in control, manage costs and present a professional image by having a single corporate directory, number, voicemail box and instant messaging environment supported by advanced call recording to remain compliant.

  • Ensure highly dispersed workforces can work together as if they were in the same location. For example, presence and availability enables individuals to be informed about who is available and how they can be contacted. Also simple voice calls can be escalated into a video or collaboration session, enabling teams to share graphical information and speed up the decision making process.

  • Select from a suite of management tools that allow simple web based configuration making the management of your system both simple and cost effective.

  • When moving from a single site solution to a private or public cloud we protect your investment in IP telephones, software and licensing.

How we can help

Opus specialises in communication solutions for media and entertainment businesses and as such focus on adapting to changing consumer behaviours. As consumers migrate from traditional to digital media, businesses are transforming their products and services to retain customers and protect revenues.

We understand that in a competitive market, customers will migrate to organisations that can deliver an exceptional user experience. That’s why we provide communication solutions that not only creates a more flexible and responsive business, but also ensures the quality, loyalty and mobility of your workforce.

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