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Fully featured, application rich communication solutions that ensures retail staff can focus on the needs of the customers

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Following the devastating effects of the global recession, the retail environment has never been under more pressure. The main challenge for retail stores is to keep costs to a minimum whilst providing outstanding customer service, which is now an expectation from the public – wanting more for less. Striking a balance between reducing costs and providing exceptional customer service is critical for success.


Opus provides retailers with a fully featured, application rich communication solution that ensures retail staff can focus on the needs of the customer, drive efficiency across the business and allow operations staff to reduce unnecessary costs often associated with delivering exceptional levels of customer service.


  • Set-up and adminster contact centres to better handle calls and provide intelligent information to the customers about expected wait times or positions in queues. This ensures calls are answered more efficiently to help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Manage customer complaints with call recording to provide retail staff with the effective training to resolve disputes. Also benefit from a full auditable record of public interactions with evidence of call recordings to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and prevent possible litigation.

  • Provide free calls between retail stores with hosted telephony and free calls between retail staff mobiles to ensure you are more cost effective with your lines and calls.

  • Increase response time in answering calls and stay informed with live call stats to understand how best to deal with peak times utilising call management and reporting.

  • Simple call routing allows questions relating to opening hours, store locations and job application requests to be routed to call announcements. This ensures availability of retail staff to assist purchasing customers so they don’t leave the store.

  • Use a wide variety of telephone handsets including SIP, IP-DECT or incorporate a smartphone twinned with a desk phone, to ensure staff are never out of touch with customers and colleagues when walking around a store.

  • Provide fast and flexible communications via audio and video conferencing, e-mail or simple voice and text messaging, to ensure the right information is quickly passed to associates whether they are in the store, at the office or on the road.

  • Allow for handsets to be deployed in smaller stores at a fraction of the cost of deploying individual systems. All locations can be centrally managed therefore reducing large system management and support costs.

How we can help

Opus specialises in providing telephony solutions for retailers that successfully achieve an increase in customer loyalty, call responsiveness and revenue growth. We understand the importance of routing calls to the most appropriate location or answer point, so missed calls don’t result in lost revenue and in-store customers don’t feel abandoned so leave the store because of non-attentive staff.

We help reduce the cost of installing top of the range communications at new and older stores, and provide the flexibility to update phone systems across the chain at a pace to suit your business. Our solutions are designed to improve responsiveness to customers, provide greater efficiency across the business and dramatically reduce communication costs.

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