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Mitel MiCloud Flex

Our Mitel MiCloud Flex service delivers resilient, scalable and secure enterprise cloud communications, collaboration and customer experience built

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Mitel Contact Centres

Part of our Mitel portfolio, our Mitel MiCloud Flex solution is our premium hosted cloud communications solution that is engineered to meet the demanding and changing needs of today’s environment. It provides rich Unified Communications, Team Collaboration, advanced Customer Interaction, Workforce Optimisation and Management.

These capabilities will empower staff to be more productive and efficient no matter where they are, enabling them to stay connected by sharing, communicating and collaborating to a higher degree than ever before.

MiCloud Flex – Your Path to Better Communications

    • It’s secure

    • It’s customisable

    • It’s customer focused

    • It’s reliable

    • It’s cost-effective

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MiCloud Flex – Your Path to Better Communications

    • It’s secure

    • It’s customisable

    • It’s customer focused

    • It’s reliable

    • It’s cost-effective

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Discover MiCloud Flex

MiCloud Flex is a leading global cloud platform, which provides a dedicated, secure and highly reliable communications solution. It allows businesses to bring unified, mission-critical communications into the cloud for increased efficiency, simplicity and mobility. Designed for organisations that require a rich UC environment, MiCloud Flex delivers the highest levels of performance, reliability and security through Google’s mobile cloud.

Why choose MiCloud Flex?

MiCloud Flex combines the benefits of a hosted communications solution with that of a dedicated communications platform. It offers the ability to customise and tailor services to each organisation’s unique business requirements, giving a dedicated system with greater flexibility than ever before backed by fully secure access.

MiCloud Flex is ideal for organisations who:

  • Want a comprehensive communications and collaboration solution, as well as an advanced and integrated contact centre solution on one seamless offering
  • Want to keep their communication services in a dedicated, non-shared environment to meet specific corporate needs and maintain a level of control with regards to timing and availability of software upgrades, to align with your IT policies
  • Want the option to maintain your hosted communications in a private cloud, as an extension of your corporate network and not in a shared address space, accessible over public internet
  • Want to deliver a fully integrated omni-channel contact centre experience with the option of including Artificial Intelligence
Security and Support

It’s secure

MiCloud Flex offers a dedicated environment hosted in secure data centres with advanced multi-layered security measures including full encryption.


It’s customisable

MiCloud Flex gives you the flexibility to wrap your business communications solutions around your existing business processes and workflows.

Customer Focus

It’s customer focused

MiCloud Flex facilitates more choice, faster responses, personalised interactions and self-service IVR and Chatbot capabilities to give a better customer experience.


It’s reliable

With MiCloud Flex, chances of your communications going down because of a single network outage or hardware failure is significantly reduced.

Cost Effective

It’s cost-effective

MiCloud Flex can be implemented using a scalable pay-as-you-grow model that ensures enterprises do not pay for capacity they do not need. You can quickly add new users, connect new offices or activate new features, and do it all while driving down your communications and customer care costs.

How we can help

As a customer focused, engineering led organisation, we have some of the most qualified and experienced solution designers and project/technical support engineers in the UK.

As one of Mitel’s largest and most experienced Platinum Partners, we are accredited to the highest levels with Mitel and have experience of designing, deploying and supporting Mitel solutions across public and private sectors.

Projects are more likely to be deployed successfully, first time and on time with Opus, than with any other Mitel partner and our Institute of Customer Services accredited support team, ensure industry leading customer satisfaction levels and maintained for our Mitel customers.

Our experienced pre and post sales engineering teams will guide and support you every step of the way from design to deployment and support, so that you and your team can concentrate on running your business.

Find out more about our Mitel Services here.

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