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Be there when customers need you

Being available and easy to contact is the bedrock of outstanding customer experience. Whether you’re always on the move, working from home, or permanently in the office, we can help you be there for your customers. Wherever you are.

Part of our Together range, Opus Communicate gives you the tools to communicate effectively with people both inside and outside of your business – anywhere and on any device.

Our expert team is here to help you navigate your options and make the right choices for your business. Together, we can help your organisation thrive with improved productivity, mobility and customer experience.

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How we work

We understand your needs

Every organisation is different. That’s why we take the time to carry out analysis of your corporate strategy and technology landscape to offer solutions tailored to your business.

We deliver on our promises

We’ll provide you with the technology services and support you need to make the most of the connected world. Both for your people and your customers.

We offer continued support

Our relationship doesn’t end with delivery. We continuously help you navigate the digital world with the option of 24/7 support and in-house expertise.

Communications tailored to your needs

Need a new telephone system, mobile or cloud telephony service? Considering your options for video conferencing, collaboration or call/screen reporting and recording? Opus Communicate has you covered.

We partner with leading manufacturers and service providers – all with the highest levels of accreditation. And we use those partnerships to provide you with the unified communication and collaboration services your business needs to succeed.

Whatever your business’s size, industry or location, our experienced solution design team can tailor a Communicate solution to your needs.

Our expert project engineers, meanwhile, can successfully deploy any service, supported by our ServiceMark-accredited customer services and lifetime account management.

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Step up to cloud telephony

The business world is increasingly global. Customer demands are changing constantly. And more employees than ever are set up to work from anywhere. If you’re a business decision-maker, it’s time to think beyond the traditional phone system.

At Opus, we offer you a complete range of public, private and virtualised Cloud Telephony solutions from top service providers such as Mitel, Microsoft, Gamma and 8×8.

Cloud telephony allows you and your people to make and receive calls from any device, wherever you are. Our industry-leading cloud telephony services give you improved call quality, network reliability, and a wealth of cost-saving opportunities. And with the ISDN switch-off on its way, there’s never been a smarter time to migrate to the cloud.

Find out more about our cloud telephony services.

Business Mobile Phones

Your customers expect seamless interaction between your office, devices and people. A single managed platform provides a smooth experience where every device is connected and consistent.

Through our tailored, consultative approach, we’ll work with you to develop your technology roadmap – for today and the future. We’ll provide easily managed technology solutions along the way. And we’ll take the time to understand your unique needs, turning them into a mobility infrastructure that helps you grow.

Using our expertise and insight, we can help you understand what’s best for your business, based on your specific goals. We then work in partnership with you, providing front-line support on an individual basis.

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Telephone Systems

Want to keep ownership of your corporate communications? Opus Communicate offers fully managed, industry-leading communications platforms. They can be delivered on site, in a secure public or private data centre, or virtualised in an existing VMware environment.

Our telephone systems come with software assurance options, to ensure you get the latest levels of software and security. They’re available with a range of support and monitoring packages to suit the operational needs of your business.

Our communications platforms can be fully integrated with your existing business systems and desktop collaboration solutions.

And they can be delivered with on-platform contact centre solutions, or with overlaid CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) options to meet your specific business needs.

Find out more about our telephone systems.

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Always adding value

Our goal is to only partner with organisations where we can truly add value. We are able to do this, when customers value and rely on the technology they use, they require complex, multi-site solutions or have compliance issues to overcome, or they are poorly supported by their current providers.

Unified Communications

Opus Communicate connects your organisation to a diverse range of business applications that power global, real-time communication. Our unified communications solutions are designed to help you provide outstanding customer experiences at scale and cost.

Working together, we bring the knowledge and expertise to understand your strategic goals. We then match those goals to technology solutions that perfectly align with your operational needs.

Our experience and knowledge of best practice takes the risk out of digital transformation and ensures successful deployment.

  • Real-time communication
  • Email, instant messaging, conferencing, telephony and voicemail
  • Access your teams from anywhere, any time
  • Managed from a single, cloud-based platform

Find out more about our unified communication solutions.

Collaboration and Conferencing

When your employee engagement and customer experiences are strong, increased productivity and business agility tend to follow. Opus Communicate brings all methods of communication, collaboration and sharing together into one integrated work stream – helping your people perform at their best anywhere, any time, and on any device.

With Opus Communicate, you can enjoy an in-office communications experience regardless of location or device.

Communicate and collaborate with tools like presence, visual voice mail, video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, private and public chat and more.

  • Work the way you want, from anywhere
  • Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Maintain security and management of collaboration devices and services
  • Integrate seamlessly with new and existing communication platforms

Find out more about our collaboration solutions.

Microsoft Teams Solutions

Microsoft Teams has become an essential part of the way we do business together, communicating and collaborating seamlessly, whilst working from anywhere.

Within our Opus Communicate portfolio, we have a range of Microsoft Teams solutions covering all your requirements whether that be purely for use as a communication and collaboration tool, as part of your Microsoft 365 suite, through to powerful enterprise business voice solutions from our Microsoft Business Voice Plus solution as well as Teams voice integrations with Mitel and 8×8.

If you have a contact centre that requires a Teams front or back office solution we are here to help with this too.

Furthermore, many businesses now require call recording as standard and our cutting edge call and screen recording solutions for Microsoft Teams will ensure that you are able to capture all your valuable interactions in a legal and compliant way.

Find out more about Microsoft Teams.

Call and Screen Recording

Call recording is an essential tool for training your contact-centre agents and improving customer service. It also supports Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) compliance if your business offers financial advice, and addresses Payment Card Industry (PCI) credit card payment regulations too.

Opus Communicate offers a choice of call and screen recording solutions to suit your business’s needs, including call recording for Microsoft Teams interactions.

All our solutions protect you from possible disputes by providing a reliable record of conversations and/or transactions for monitoring, training, resourcing, compliance, safety and litigation.

Find out more about our call and screen recording solutions.

Why Opus

We are in this together

Unlike other companies, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied and supported.

We take away complexity

We bring together the best technologies and deliver them as a single managed service that just works.

We tailor our solutions

We take the time to understand your needs and only recommend services and solutions that align with your business goals.

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