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Smart, cloud-managed IT solutions that make life simpler and more secure

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Zero Trust cloud-based solutions that work

Cisco Meraki

Digital transformation is essential for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise, if they are to survive and thrive in the new hyperconnected world. With the expectation of immediate access to everything everywhere, it is imperative to have the security and control in place to safely meet these new demands.

Our Cisco Meraki Firewalls, Switching and Next Generation WiFi make office network solutions available to a distributed network with centralised single control from anywhere.

Our zero-trust cloud-based Meraki solutions make end-to-end policy making changes quicker and flexible for office level security in any location, and integrate seamlessly with Solarwinds active monitoring of servers and PC’s.

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Key Features:

Customer Experience

Ease of Management

Single pane of glass

Single Pane of Glass


Full IT Stack

Reliability and Security

Zero Trust Security

Cisco Meraki Firewalls

With the proliferation of modern applications and mixed-use networks, host and port-based security is no longer sufficient. Cisco Meraki’s layer 7 “next generation” firewall, included in MX security appliances and every wireless AP, gives administrators complete control over the users, content, and applications on their network.

Provide access to any user, device or application from the edge to the cloud, while maintaining robust security. Gain visibility into the network users, their devices and their applications. Armed with rich analytics, administrators can quickly create access control and application usage policies, optimising both the end-user experience and network security.

Layer 7 traffic classification and control

The Cisco Meraki proprietary packet processing engine analyses network traffic up to and including layer 7, using sophisticated fingerprinting to identify users, content, and applications on the network. Cisco Meraki’s next generation firewall is included in all wireless access points and security appliances.

Intrusion detection engine

Our Cisco Meraki security appliances protect your network against malicious entities and threats. Using a combination of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods, it ensures ironclad security for your network. Leveraging the Cisco Meraki cloud management platform, threat signatures are automatically updated, keeping security always up to date.

Identity-based and device-aware security

Device-aware access controls enable administrators to ensure the appropriate level of network access for each class of devices. Layer 7 device fingerprints automatically detect and classify Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and other clients. These fingerprints are integrated into Cisco Meraki firewalls and wireless APs, so that administrators can, for example, apply firewall rules specific to iPads in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) network.

Content Filtering

The Cisco Meraki content filtering engine features native Active Directory integration to apply access controls specific to each class of users. Content lists and application signatures are updated dynamically from the cloud, so that security policies remain up to date even as content and applications change.

Cloud-Managed Switching

Combining the simplicity of the cloud-managed dashboard with the power of enterprise-grade hardware, Cisco Meraki switches cater to the demands of next-gen wired and wireless networks.

Simple and powerful

Meraki access and aggregation layer switches power networks of every size. They combine secure, scalable, robust performance with an intuitive management experience that requires no additional training.

Deploy, manage and troubleshoot in minutes

Meraki switches offer zero-touch provisioning and can be configured entirely from a web browser. Pioneering network topology and remote packet capture features simplify troubleshooting, especially for remote locations.

Build resilient networks

Meraki switches provide the essentials for building high-performance networks that can help maintain seamless network service. Multi-gigabit Ethernet squeezes more speed out of existing cabling. Switches can be physically stacked via dedicated lightning-fast cabling and cross-stack link aggregation used to create a resilient connection to the network core using all available bandwidth.

Next Generation WiFi

With automated Wi-Fi channels, simple multi-site management and wireless intrusion prevention, our Cisco Meraki wireless technology is easy to manage and secure at scale. Our smart access points provide valuable insights about client devices – helping to identify bottlenecks or build custom location-aware software solutions

Equip yourself with modern Wi-Fi

Our next-generation wireless solutions provide more capacity and higher performance in dense, demanding environments, delivering enhanced application experience. We offer a complete range of Wi-Fi 6 models – with multi-gigabit technology – to allow you to optimise wireless access points for a seamless user experience, with faster connections, greater user capacity and more coverage.
Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimised for a seamless user experience delivering faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage and fewer support calls.

BYOD without cost or complexity

Centrally provision, monitor and secure all your managed endpoints, wherever they are. Allow the use of personal devices with our built-in support for BYOD.

Secure connection of sites

Easily build IPSec VPN tunnels between sites. Meraki VPNs are configured with just a few clicks, set up securely and brought up in seconds.

Maximise application usage

Ensure reliable, secure performance for latency-sensitive, mission-critical applications – like VoIP, point-of-sale and other SaaS applications. You’ll no longer rely on expensive circuits between sites.

Smarter IT with analytics

Access powerful metrics such as heat maps, visitor capture rates, visit time and repeat visits so you can optimise utilisation of your physical spaces.

Smart mobility

Power new and improved user experiences with our Wi-Fi 6 Certified technology – offering faster speeds for enhanced application experience, and more capacity for high-density indoor and outdoor environments.

Cloud Based Dashboard

By using our Cisco Meraki cloud-based dashboard, an Internet connection is all that is needed to manage your deployed infrastructure from anywhere. Our cloud-based dashboard provides total visibility into a network’s users, their devices and their applications through a single pane of glass. This provides the ability to quickly create access control and application usage policies that optimise both the end-user experience and network security.

Its location analytics and reporting features provide real-time statistics to help you better understand foot traffic and improve customer engagement and loyalty across sites.

Powerful and intuitive multi-site management via the cloud, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers. End-to-end management which unifies WAN, LAN, wireless LAN and mobile device management under a single pane of glass.

Multi-site management

Powerful and intuitive multi-site management via the cloud, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.

Automatic provisioning

Zero-touch provisioning shortens deployment and configuration time to minutes. There’s no need to manually stage APs or perform manual configuration and provisioning. Cisco Meraki APs use Auto RF to self-configure and optimise RF settings for maximum performance, even in dense and challenging environments.


Seamless over-the-web upgrades deliver significant new features to your current products, increasing the value of your investment. New feature updates are added automatically, such as visibility, analytics, security and troubleshooting tools to enhance administrator efficiency.

How Opus can support you?

As a Cisco Select Partner Opus can offer the full IT stack and build a flexible, secure, highly available and cost-effective infrastructure

Whether keeping remote workers productive or delivering a connection to far-away resources, we deliver access from any device to any cloud, uniting your workforce and fostering creativity, collaboration and innovation.

We offer the perfect platform for converting workplaces to digital or virtual environments with a complete, unified portfolio and managing multi-site deployments via the web, optimising employee experiences and productivity.

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