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Artificial Intelligence Contact Centre Solutions

Making your agents more efficient and your customers more delighted

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Transform your contact centre experience effortlessly

Artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.    Adding AI to your website is a great way of engaging visitors more effectively and enhancing your end-customer experience.

By infusing an AI solution into your contact centre it will help your agents work efficiently by allowing for frequently asked questions (FAQs) or simple requests to be automated before human agent intervention is required.

Is my contact centre ready for AI?

Having a game plan for your AI deployment is vital.

Contact centres play a vital role when responding to and meeting customer needs. AI is now a buzz word that is frequently used in tandem with customer experience.

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Is my contact centre ready for AI?

Having a game plan for your AI deployment is vital.

Contact centres play a vital role when responding to and meeting customer needs. AI is now a buzz word that is frequently used in tandem with customer experience.

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Questions to ask

Before considering AI, it’s advisable to first review what processes in your contact centre would benefit from being automated.

Ask questions like:

  • What are the most common FAQs coming into my contact centre?
  • Why are our customers contacting us?
  • Do we have an existing knowledge base in existence?

The Intelligent Customer Experience

AI uses machine learning, pattern recognition and cognitive knowledge management to provide a custom user experience.

AI won’t fully replace person-to-person interaction, it will however help improve efficiency as well improving your live agent interactions.  With an intelligent AI  dealing with repetitive or more mundane processes agents are freed up to deal with more complex and interesting conversations.

Chat Bot v Virtual Assistant, what’s the difference?

Chat Bots and Virtual Assistants are AI applications that can significantly drive automated processes within the contact centre.  However, these two applications can sometimes be confused as one.

A chatbot are programmed with a specific script of questions to deliver a repetitive response, based on a specific set of criteria. The contact centre will define the questions, the rules and the responses given, and pre-load the questions and responses. Conversations are linear and cannot deviate from the pre-programmed path.  If there is a break in the conversational flow, the chatbot would not be programmed remember the context of the original interaction. Use of chatbots has a number of benefits for example if the contact centre has a high volume of customers who contact them with mundane or repetitive questions such as what are the opening times, when will my bins be collected or I want to pay my bill.  When a conversation is likely to be more complex a conversation AI or Virtual Assistant could be a better solution.

The Virtual Agent or Conversational AI leverages machine learning to provide an optimised response. It uses natural language processing to detect customers intent and learns from historical interactions to deliver content that is outcome driven and tailored to customer profiles and preferences.  The Virtual Assistant can answer queries and provide information but will intelligently know when the right time is to hand over to the live agent.   Once the customer is interacting with the live agent, the virtual agent can continue to work in the background as a ‘researcher’ assisting the live agent by providing them with information to assist them in the transaction, in turn facilitating the agent to become a subject specialist (known at Agent Assist).

By evaluating your AI requirements and asking key questions, organisations need to come up with a knowledge base of common questions their customers are likely to ask and how these questions would be answered.

It is essential to do this as a first step before embarking on an AI deployment.

Let Opus help you control your customer journey

At Opus we work with industry leading partners Mitel and Cirrus to overlay innovative AI solutions within the contact centre.  We’ll help you when evaluating your needs to provide you with the level of AI solution required whether that functional Chat Bot through to a fully functional and highly intelligent Virtual Assistant or a mix of both.

Mitel Google AI

Mitel and Google Cloud AI from Opus

Many businesses who operate Contact Centres are looking to improve the customer experience, whilst reducing cost.  A great way of doing this is through self-serve, automation and AI.  Mitel has partnered with the world’s #1 search engine and most popular video sharing site, Google Cloud to deliver this.

Mitel and Google Cloud AI allows you to serve your customers better with AI that listens, understands, and interacts. Mitel uses Google Cloud’s Contact Centre AI so virtual agents can converse naturally with customers and expertly assists human agents on more complex cases. This powerful tool results in increased operational efficiency and personalized, intuitive customer care.  Market leading AI from Google is easy to implement with no need to script potential customer questions as it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) which automatically understands your customers ‘intent’

Cirrus AI

Cirrus Conversational AI from Opus

Cirrus Conversational AI and omni-channel support is ideal for contact centres servicing digitally mobile customers.  The Cirrus solution fully integrates within its omni-channel platform so that moving from self-serve conversational AI to a live agent can be done seamlessly.

The Cirrus omni-channel platform allows customers to switch between channels without interrupting their journey. So if a customer needs to break off their web chat session then both CAI and a live agent can assist the customer to switch to another channel (such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for example), allowing them to continue the conversation from a mobile device, at the most convenient time for them.  If transferred to a live agent, that agent will always have a holistic view of the customer interaction and back-story.

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