Application Security

Hardware, software, training and procedures that identify or minimise security vulnerabilities.

Our Application Security Solutions

With the various applications available today over multiple networks within the cloud, this can lead to increasing vulnerability when it comes to security threats and breaches.

And with hackers getting more sophisticated with the way they target apps with their attacks today, it is easy to see why it is important to not only ensure security at the network level but also within applications themselves.

Part of our Opus Secure range come a number of Application Security solutions including hardware, software, training and procedures that identify or minimise security vulnerabilities.

Applications are accessible across networks and are the launchpad for a majority of breaches. For these reasons alone, application security is urgently important.

Types of application security

We offer many different types of application security including authentication, authorisation, encryption, logging, and application security testing. We help secure applications and then secure access to those applications. The methods available include:


Our authentication procedures ensure that a user is who they say they are. This can be accomplished by requiring the user to provide a username and password when logging in to an application. Multi-factor authentication requires more than one form of authentication – the factors might include something you know (a password), something you have (a mobile device), and something you are (a thumb print or facial recognition).


After a user has been authenticated, the user may be authorised to access and use the application. The system can validate that a user has permission to access the application by comparing the user’s identity with a list of authorised users. Authentication must happen before authorisation so that the application matches only validated user credentials to the authorised user list.


After a user has been authenticated and is using the application, other security measures can protect sensitive data from being seen or even used by a cybercriminal. In cloud-based applications, where traffic containing sensitive data travels between the end user and the cloud, that traffic can be encrypted to keep the data safe.


If there is a security breach in an application, logging can help identify who got access to the data and how. Application log files provide a time-stamped record of which aspects of the application were accessed and by whom.

Application security testing

We can also help with application security testing – a necessary process to ensure that all of these security controls work properly. Contact us to find out more.

Email Security

Email was designed to be as open and accessible as possible allowing people in organisations to communicate with each other and with people outside of their organisation. The problem is that email is not secure. This opens up the opportunity for unwanted attackers to use email as a way of causing problems in attempt to illegally profit. Whether through spam campaigns, malware and phishing attacks, sophisticated targeted attacks, attackers try to take advantage of the lack of security of email to carry out their actions.

Our Opus Secure email security services help reduce the risk that emails represent with tools such as secure email gateways, deployed either on-premises or in the cloud and email encryption solutions. These controls provide businesses with granular visibility and enable security teams to have confidence that they can secure users from email threats and maintain email communications in the event of an outage.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

It’s hard to imagine a world without mobile devices now and many organisations want to improve the productivity of their employees by allowing them to access corporate data on the go using corporate or personally owned mobile devices. Also part of our Opus Secure Endpoint Security solutions, our MDM and mobile application management (MAM) solutions can help achieve this in a seamless and simplified manner helping. They help you control how your organisation’s devices are used, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

We can help you configure specific policies to control applications. For example, you can prevent emails from being sent to people outside your organisation. We can enable you to allow people in your organisation to use their personal devices for school or work. On personal devices, our MDM solutions help make sure your organisation data stays protected, and can isolate organisation data from personal data.

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