Learn how Opus supports a leading global fashion brand with a fully resilient and scalable UCaaS solution, providing a single experience across 26 countries and 232 stores.

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AllSaints Case Study

Mitel Platinum Solutions Partner

AllSaints is a global contemporary fashion brand that is headquartered in East London and designs full collections of womenswear, menswear and accessories. It curates every aspect of the brand experience in-house, from store design and construction to the web platform. The brand has directly operated stores, concessions and outlets across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. In addition, in recent years, the brand has enjoyed success in developing non-retail activities around the world, including new wholesale business, licensing income and franchise partnerships. Founded in 1994, AllSaints has over 3,000 employees worldwide and has 255 directly operated stores, franchises, concessions and outlets across 26 countries.

AllSaints were looking to achieve a single experience for their end users, irrespective of location (country, store or office). Previously, the brand had a country-specific telephony platform which meant the running of the estate was challenging and required active management of local relationships with international SIP providers.

Real Time
Global Offices

“AllSaints needed the wraparound care provided by Opus and Mitel. The move to the Cloud has provided enhanced stability and reliability and we now having full monitoring of MiCloud 24/7.”

Technical Operations Manager

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“AllSaints needed the wraparound care provided by Opus and Mitel. The move to the Cloud has provided enhanced stability and reliability and we now having full monitoring of MiCloud 24/7.”

Technical Operations Manager

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AllSaints had previously deployed separate Mitel telephony systems across 27 countries. The brand sought to evolve its business and needed a solution that would allow it to meet fresh needs, including the ability to integrate with Zendesk. They established a new partnership with Opus, who completed a full evaluation of the Mitel estate, and delivered a plan to implement changes that fully optimised the solution and the investment that they had already made in Mitel’s technology.
The prime recommendation was to migrate to Mitel UCaaS, thus providing a single experience to all users across AllSaints’ global network of offices and stores. AllSaints concluded that the plan delivered by Opus for the Mitel estate demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of its requirements.

Comprehensive solution

Opus recommended that MiCloud Flex on-premise hosted solution was the best and quickest way to achieve AllSaints’ objectives of bringing unified, missioncritical communications into the cloud for increased efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

AllSaints upgraded to MiCloud Flex in June 2018 and the cloud solution was initially tested alongside the existing infrastructure. Each AllSaints retail outlet has three to five handsets. Up to three handsets were migrated to the new platform; and the remaining handsets were kept on the old system in order to de-risk the project. Additionally, Opus also sent a video to all store managers, along with pre-printed instructions, illustrating how to reset the handsets, which required just 20 seconds per phone.

Opus also migrated the 24/7 contact centre to the cloud which unified and centralised the customer service team, as well as the helpdesk teams, thus creating a single platform with full integration. Direct dial numbers and user extensions remained the same.

MiCollab cloud collaboration tools have enabled realtime collaboration for AllSaints employees, using voice, video, Instant Messaging and document sharing, all from a single, unified application that moves seamlessly between desktops, mobile devices and the cloud.

Historically, AllSaints had limited ability to leverage call recording to train staff or improve customer communications, only being able to record inbound calls. This has now changed with the deployment of the MiVoice call recorder which can capture, archive, organise, playback and share voice documentation for valuable insight into customer interactions.

Great results

By migrating to a cloud model, AllSaints now has the ability to scale up its requirement during peak times, enabling contact centre agent seats to increase threefold, if necessary.

MiCloud Flex delivers the highest levels of performance, reliability and security through the global cloud, all fully resilient to Mitel’s two data centres in London and Manchester.

AllSaints wanted the migration to have a low impact across all the stores and users, which also involved keeping their handsets and headsets. Indeed, many users claimed they didn’t even realise that the migration had happened.

Previously, AllSaints would get a monthly bill including VOIP, mobile, licensing and circuits costs. Now, with a cloud hosted solution in place on an OPEX model, capital expenditure costs have significantly reduced.

As many retail outlets continue to suffer from store closures and plummeting profits, AllSaints is bucking this downward trend. Now in its 25th year, the growth at the global contemporary fashion brand shows no signs of slowing down. Last year, AllSaints announced its sixth year of consecutive top-line growth, with total sales of £331 million.

During 2020, AllSaints intends to integrate the Mitel platform with Zendesk, their customer service software and omnichannel ticketing system.

By moving to the cloud, AllSaints has achieved true consistency and unified collaboration across its locations worldwide. Now customers and employees alike are able to have the same experience, no matter which AllSaints location they are in. The result has been peace of mind and greater control for AllSaints, providing a foundation to grow and focus on outfitting the world with excellent fashion.

“Opus took on a comprehensive redesign of AllSaints’ infrastructure, deploying Mitel technology to give them full resilience in UK data centres. AllSaints now has maximum flexibility and scalability to customise their own communications environment, as demand dictates, but without the complexity of managing it themselves.”

Matt Dudleston
Account Director, Opus

AllSaints Successfully Partnering with Opus

The results at a glance:

  • A single telephony solution and contact centre which has significantly reduced management time and resource
  • A seamless global customer experience from a single platform
  • Improved unified communications for all employees and contact centre agents
  • Greatly enhanced platform agility
  • Increased flexibility and scalability for seasonal peaks and troughs
  • Improved business continuity, resilience and redundancy
  • 24/7/365 support and management from Opus Technology

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