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Call Detail Record (CDR)

What is a Call Detail Record?

A Call Detail Record (CDR) is a data record that provides information about a telephone call or communication session. It contains details and metadata related to a specific communication event, whether it’s a phone call, SMS , or another type of communication. Call Detail Records are generated and stored by telecommunications service providers for billing, analysis, and operational purposes. 

Call Detail Records play a crucial role in telecommunications operations, helping service providers manage billing, analyse call patterns, optimise network performance, and investigate any issues or disputes related to communication services. The specific details included in a CDR can vary between service providers and the type of communication service being recorded.

What information does CDR capture?

1. Call Identification

  • Call Start Time and Date – When the call or communication session began.
  • Call End Time and Date – When the call or communication session concluded.
  • Call Duration  The length of the call or session.

2. Caller and Recipient Information

  • Caller’s Phone Number or Identifier – The phone number or unique identifier of the person initiating the call.
  • Recipient’s Phone Number or Identifier – The phone number or unique identifier of the person receiving the call.

3. Location Information

  • Caller’s Location – Depending on the capabilities of the network, the general location of the caller at the time of the call.
  • Recipient’s Location – Similar to the caller’s location, this provides information about the general location of the recipient.

4. Call Type

  • Incoming, Outgoing, or Missed – Indicates whether the call was incoming, outgoing, or if it was missed.

5. Service Type

  • Voice, SMS, Data, etc – Specifies the type of service used for the communication.

6. Call Status

  • Completed, Busy, No Answer, etc – Indicates the status of the call, whether it was successfully completed, met with a busy signal, or went unanswered.

7. Equipment Information

  • Device or Line Identifier – Information about the device or line used for the communication.

8. Cost Information

  • Call Charges – The cost associated with the call or communication session, especially relevant for billing purposes.

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