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What is a Call Menu?

A call menu, often referred to as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system or phone menu, is a telecommunications feature that uses voice prompts and keypad inputs to enable callers to interact with a computerised system. The main purpose of a call menu is to efficiently route incoming calls, provide information, and facilitate self-service options for callers. Call menus are commonly used in various industries and organisations to streamline call handling processes and improve the overall customer experience.

Call menus play a crucial role in managing high call volumes, directing calls efficiently, and providing a structured and organised communication channel for both businesses and service providers. They contribute to improved operational efficiency, reduced wait times, and enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring that callers are quickly and accurately connected to the resources or information they seek.

What are the standard Call Menu features?


Voice Prompts

  • Recorded greetings and instructions initiate the call menu.
  • Guides callers through available options, facilitating selections via their telephone keypad.

Menu Options

  • Presents organised options, often in a hierarchical structure.
  • Includes inquiries about departments, services, or specific actions desired by the caller.

Keypad Inputs

  • Callers use their telephone keypad to input responses or selections.
  • Specific numbers may lead to routing calls to particular departments or accessing relevant information.

Call Routing

  • System routes calls based on caller selections.
  • Directs calls to specific extensions, departments, or pre-recorded messages with pertinent information.

Self-Service Transactions

  • Includes self-service capabilities for transactions without human intervention.
  • Enables actions like checking balances, making payments, or retrieving information.

Integration with Systems

  • Advanced call menus integrate with backend systems, databases, or CRMs.
  • Provides real-time information and personalised responses based on caller history or profile.

Fallback Options

  • Offers alternatives for callers unwilling or unable to use menu options.
  • Connects callers to live operators or customer service representatives.

Multilingual Support

  • Some call menus cater to diverse customers with multilingual support.
  • Allows callers to choose their preferred language for interaction.

Information Broadcasting

  • Used for disseminating information to a large audience.
  • Applied in emergency notifications or important announcements.

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