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Conference Bridge

What is a Conference Bridge?

A conference bridge serves as a means for remote meetings within a business phone system, enabling employees to join virtual meetings from any location globally. In contrast to standard three-way calling features, conference bridges offer the flexibility for an extensive number of participants, contingent on the supported capacity of the phone system. This technology serves as a fundamental collaboration tool, especially for companies with a significant geographical presence.

Conference bridging facilitates swift and secure meeting conduct. While traditional phone network-based solutions may incur high costs, utilising voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) or cloud-based systems proves to be a more economical alternative. Integration of conference bridging with VoIP for remote workers ensures seamless and cost-effective critical collaboration.

Leaders managing cross-functional teams, especially those dispersed across multiple cities, find conference bridges highly beneficial. While email or text suffice for quick messages, they are often impractical for larger groups or complex issues.

Businesses with distributed teams, such as film productions or construction companies, greatly benefit from conference bridging. It guarantees constant communication among employees, allowing the workforce to convene virtually at short notice to address the organisation’s most pressing issues.

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