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Hunt Group

What is a Hunt Group?

A hunt group, also known as a call hunt or ring group, is a feature in telephony systems that allows incoming calls to a single phone number or extension to be distributed among a group of several phone lines or extensions. The purpose is to efficiently manage and distribute incoming calls to ensure they are answered promptly and to distribute the workload among available team members.

Hunt groups are commonly used in business environments where multiple employees share responsibilities for answering calls, such as customer service teams, support desks, or sales departments. This ensures that incoming calls are distributed efficiently and that no single individual is overwhelmed with calls.

How goes a Hunt Group work?


  1. Incoming Call –When someone calls a specific phone number associated with the hunt group, the system routes the call to the first available line or extension in the group.
  2. Sequential or Simultaneous Ringing –Depending on the configuration, the system can ring the phones in the hunt group sequentially (one after the other) or simultaneously (all at once).
  3. Call Distribution – If the first line is busy or doesn’t answer, the call is directed to the next available line in the sequence until it finds an available line or reaches the end of the list.
  4. Voicemail or Overflow Options – If none of the lines in the hunt group answer, the system can be configured to route the call to voicemail or take other predefined actions, such as forwarding to another department or phone number.

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