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Call Barring

What is Call Barring?

Call barring is a telecommunications feature that allows a user to block certain types of incoming or outgoing calls. This feature is commonly found in mobile phones and landline systems and serves as a means of controlling and restricting communication. Call barring can be applied to various categories of calls, and the specific options may vary depending on the service provider and the type of device.

It’s important to note that call barring is a user-controlled feature, and the effectiveness of call blocking may depend on the capabilities of the user’s device and the services offered by their telecommunications provider. Additionally, emergency calls (such as calls to emergency services) are typically not affected by call barring to ensure users’ safety in critical situations.

What are the different types of Call Barring?

Incoming Call Barring

Users can choose to block incoming calls from specific numbers, anonymous callers, or calls with hidden caller IDs. This is particularly useful for avoiding unwanted or nuisance calls.

Outgoing Call Barring

Outgoing call barring allows users to restrict calls to specific numbers or types of numbers. This might be used, for example, to prevent international calls or calls to premium-rate numbers.

International Roaming Barring

When users are traveling internationally, they can use call barring to restrict their phone from making or receiving calls, helping to avoid unexpected charges associated with international roaming.

Other Call Barring options

Call barring settings are typically protected by a password or PIN to prevent unauthorised changes. This adds a layer of security to ensure that only the authorised user can control call barring settings.

Selective Barring

Some systems allow users to selectively bar calls during specific times of the day. For instance, users might choose to block calls during their sleeping hours or during important meetings.

Service Provider Variation

The availability and specifics of call barring features can vary between different service providers and phone models. Users need to check with their specific carrier or device settings to understand the full range of options available to them.

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