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Call Forwarding

What is a Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding is a telephony feature that allows incoming calls to be redirected or forwarded to a different phone number. This enables users to receive calls at an alternative location or on another device, providing flexibility and ensuring they don’t miss important communications.

Call forwarding is a versatile phone feature that ensures continuous accessibility by redirecting incoming calls to different numbers or devices. It enhances flexibility, promotes efficient call handling, and contributes to business continuity. With benefits such as improved customer service, cost savings, and support for remote work, call forwarding offers a personalised and adaptable communication solution for individuals and businesses.

The benefits of using call forwarding


Users can receive calls at different locations or on various devices, ensuring they are reachable even when away from their primary phone.


Call forwarding provides flexibility for users who may need to switch between different devices or locations, accommodating changes in their work or personal situations.

Continuous Connectivity

Ensures continuous connectivity by forwarding calls to alternative numbers or devices, reducing the likelihood of missed calls and improving responsiveness.

Business Continuity

For businesses, call forwarding contributes to business continuity, as calls can be directed to alternative numbers in case of office relocations, temporary closures, or other disruptions.

Efficient Call Handling

Calls can be directed to specific individuals or departments, streamlining call management and ensuring that inquiries reach the right personnel promptly.

Enhanced Customer Service

Businesses can provide better customer service by promptly attending to customer inquiries or support requests, even if the primary contact is unavailable.

Cost Savings

Individuals and businesses can potentially save on communication costs by leveraging call forwarding to redirect calls to locations or devices with lower associated charges.

Remote Work Support

Call forwarding facilitates remote work scenarios, allowing employees to receive work-related calls on their mobile devices or home phones.

Global Reach 

For businesses with a global presence, call forwarding enables calls to be directed to different offices or locations, creating a seamless communication experience for customers and partners worldwide.


Users can personalise call forwarding settings based on their preferences and availability, tailoring the feature to suit their specific needs.

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