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Professional service organisations are continuously facing challenges relating to globalisation, increased competition from new entrants, demands to enhance client responsiveness and provide a more personalised service, whilst being pressured to reduce fees and provide accurate billing in an ever increasing price conscious and more regulated market.


Opus provides IT and telephony solutions to enable professional workers to stay connected to clients and colleagues, and when required be part of a global team working from a location that is suitable for the employee and the client.

We provide you with a competitive edge through mobility, collaboration and business continuity solutions, which can enhance client services, streamline business processes and lower the total cost of ownership.


  • Teams no longer need to be co-located, each user can take responsibility for indicating their own availability and contact status with presence tools. Staff can then view the status before passing through the call.

  • Provide a wide variety of telephone handsets including SIP, IP-DECT or incorporating a smartphone twinned with a desk phone. This means staff will never be out of touch and can be contacted on one number regardless of location.

  • We can implement or work with applications to ensure mistakes in billing are reduced and all communication time is captured e.g. from simple call recording and telephony charging to integration with specific third party practice management applications.

  • Ensure staff and fee earners can work from locations of their choice without having to utilise different communication tools, frequently incorporating their own choice of mobile handset.

  • Effectively manage your customer interaction by voice, email and web chat with our next generation contact centre solutions. In addition, SMS, social media and mass notification can be integrated to ensure you always stay connected to your customers.

  • Manage customer complaints with call recording, which provides staff with the effective training to resolve disputes. Your business will also benefit from a full auditable record of public interactions with evidence of call recordings to prevent possible litigation.

How we can help

Opus specialises in IT and IP communications for professional service organisations and focus on enhancing client responsiveness, increasing employee productivity, promoting employee attraction and retention whilst effectively managing and containing costs.

Opus is recognised as a leader in helping professional service firms migrate to and deploy unified communications. We implement solutions that provide hot desk facilities across any location in the world, with collaboration tools to enable employees to work from any office and collaborate in virtual teams with both their colleagues and clients.

We enable access to multiple sites and systems from a single interface lowering business costs and increasing staff productivity. In addition, our solutions can be deployed as a Virtual Appliance within a VMware environment to simplify support, reduce complexity and improve availability.

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