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Communication and collaboration are the lifeblood in any business and ensuring you have the right SME technology tools in place is critical.  At Opus we have a range of Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions that provide small businesses with everything they need.

Our small and medium enterprise technology solutions offer your businesses the simplicity, mobility and flexibility required to meet today’s ever changing world. All our technology services are competitively priced and managed with a single point of contact for all billing and support.

Working together with you, our experienced team will combine industry leading technologies in telephony, mobile, connectivity, collaboration, IT, print and security to support your SME businesses requirements for now and into the future.

The ultimate solutions for your SME business

The expertise we have gained over many years supporting UK SME’s with technology solutions, means we can tailor our services to exactly meet your changing requirements, providing you with a range of reliable and affordable products and services, designed for your specific business needs.

We always take into account any specific challenges you face and understand that smaller businesses often need to do more with less. Faced with added security risks, modern workforce expectations and advancing technology, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters: serving your customers and strengthening your business.

Greater Mobility and Accessibility

The world of work is changing and no matter what size of business, the need to adopt a ‘operate from anywhere’ approach has become critical, to ensure a competitive edge. Hybrid-working has become a norm these days and providing employees with the right technology tools to do their job wherever they are located has become critical.

Building effective Unified Communications is at the heart of a work from anywhere strategy and reviewing your existing telephone systems to ensure they meet your employees changing needs – wherever they are working is vital.

Collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams with instant messaging, voice calls, and video conferencing have made communicating internally and externally in today’s world seamless. Our range of products in our Communicate and Modernise range will help you become more mobile and accessible in today’s changing world. Talk to us about how we can help.

Increased Productivity

We are all working harder and smarter these days and perhaps one of the biggest changes we have seen is the redefinition of what productivity and job satisfaction look like in the working environment.

Employees are no longer keen to waste hours travelling the length and breadth of the country for meetings that can be held online and they feel frustrated if the delicate balance of work and life is compromised.

If it’s time for you to look at smarter working and how technology can help with your everyday communications, we have range of products that can help with this and ultimately turn potential wasted time into far great productivity.

Take a look at our range of communication and collaboration solutions that will help you to reap the rewards of greater productivity.

Achieve greater cost savings

Cost of course is important and our Cloud technology solutions are imperative to this as you only use and pay for what you need. Whether it’s the number of Microsoft 365 licences that you require or the ratio of mobile phones versus desk phones that you need, together we can help you on your journey to unlock your productivity in the more cost efficient way.

Scale securely with Cloud technology

Cloud-based communication and collaboration will allow your business to scale and remain agile. You will also enjoy the latest updates as standard to ensure your technology keeps up to date and most importantly secure.

Our cloud telephony solutions will allow your employees to make and receive calls from wherever they are located and our fully managed Microsoft cloud solutions will allow you to operate in a fully agile and scalable way.

Security has never been more in the spotlight and by adopting cloud technology you can be assured that security comes as standard.  Our Secure range has everything you need for peace of mind to keep your essential systems and data secure and compliant.

Centralise your Information

Are you always able to easily retrieve a vital piece of information or a document?  Having a secure, accessible repository for documents is paramount to simplifying collaboration. When information is scattered across multiple channels and platforms this creates unnecessary complexity.  Digging through emails and chat conversations to find the information you need can waste a lot of time and energy.

This is where our document management solutions come in.

Part of our Opus Document range our document management solutions are ideal for SME’s that need information stored in a secure, compliant, and accessible way – creating secure and efficient processes for your entire business.

Keep business continuity in mind

Business continuity is vital for any organisation. Natural disasters or other disruptions can put your company at risk if communication systems aren’t available. Unified communications will help support business continuity by introducing technology such as call routing and automated attendants. Learn more about this in our Opus Communicate range.

Business continuity goes further than this though, with the potential of security breaches now likely to come from many angles. Part of our Opus Secure range, our Zero Trust security model will help ensure the availability and compliance of your data at all times, as well as help to eliminate the prospect of an unwanted cyber security attack.

Integrate contact centre technology into your UC

Contact centre functionality can seamlessly be added to your UC to help boost efficiency and customer experience. The benefits of this can be huge – from improving your customer interactions with skills-based routing, to reducing time spent running reports, to introducing some of the omni-channel functionality that larger contact centres enjoy.

Integrating some of the traditional contact centre technology into your UC can be a game-changer. Take a look at our Opus Engage range to find out more about the contact centre technologies that could support you.

Why Opus

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Unlike other companies, we work in partnership with our customers to ensure that they are satisfied and supported.

We take away complexity

We bring together the best technologies and deliver them as a single managed service that just works.

We tailor our solutions

We take the time to understand your needs and only recommend services and solutions that align with your business goals.

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