Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Ensure compliance in Teams with Recording Insights from Opus

What is Recording Insights from Opus

Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams is essential for many industries.  Companies from a wide range of industries have to comply with strict compliance requirements when it comes to recording, archiving and processing of customer data.

Recording Insights from Opus provides a legally compliant recording and analytics solution for its customers’ entire communications in Microsoft Teams, including chat, phone calls, and video conferences. The app has been fully integrated into Teams, and its analysis functions help evaluate recorded data and ensure full compliance with legal regulations through the security of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

Recording Insights is a native Teams application which allows financial institutions, Contact Centres and other organisations who have compliance requirements to document sessions and archive recordings in compliance with respective legal regulations such as MiFID II, HIPAA, GDPR.

Why choose Opus call recording at a glance

      • Simple purchase, set up and use
      • Trusted integration as part of Microsoft Office 365 and Teams
      • Integrated connection of Microsoft Cognitive Services
      • Reliability of meeting the very highest security and compliance standards

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Create a Seamless and Compliant User Experience

All recorded data is encrypted tenant-specifically and saved in Azure in freely selectable geographical regions. By offering the possibility to configure access rights on tenant level, the solution ensures that only respectively authorised users may access the data. The settings can be customized according to individual requirements. This enables companies to meet crucial regulations regarding compliance recording and data protection.

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Fulfilling Your Compliance Requirements


Capture all media …

  • Capturing entire communication meetings
    • voice/PSTN calls
    • video sessions
    • chat communications
    • notes
  • Recording of internal and external communication
  • Integration into existing customer infrastructure
Experienced and dedicated support

with full admin control …

  • Automatic or manual control
  • Automatic announcement before recording (beep tone)
  • Configurable recording, access and playback rights
  • Approval process
  • Adjustable archiving rules
  • Conversion safe
  • Full compliance with respective legal regulations such as MiFID II, HIPAA, GDPR

and turn into insights …

  • Analytics via Cognitive Services
  • Generate informative reports
    •  Usage
    •  Compliance
    • Data logs
    • And more
  • Import and export recordings
Security and Support

in a secure manner

  • Tenant-specific data encryption
  • High security, redundant architecture
  • Individual archiving rules
  • Selectable Azure regions
  • Selectable customer subscriptions for storage
  • Group administration via Azure Directory

Features and Benefits of Cognitive Services

Opus Recording Insights is easy to use and completely cloud-based, so your employees can work from anywhere securely.  Cognitive Services are used for the downstream analysis of recorded communication directly in Teams.

The rise of the mobile consumer


        • Ensuring the best possible service
        • Taboo word spotting
        • Quality alerting
        • Quality reports
        • FCR improvement
Communicate more effectively


        • Call volume reduction
        • Script compliance
        • Efficient search
        • Speech to text


        • Customer feedback
        • Trend detection
        • Avoiding customer churn
        • Emotion detection


        • Identification of trends
        • Identification of competitive information
        • Identification of successful sales strategies
        • Topic detection


        • Compliance phrase recognition
        • Auto categorization
        • Documentation of counseling calls
        • Risk alerts
        • Fraud detection
Streamline operations


        • Threat call warning
        • Improvement of emergency processes
        • Relieving the dispatcher
        • Automated prioritization

Why Opus Call Recording for Microsoft Teams ?

Opus has partnered with the worldwide leading software provider of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics to be able to provide all enterprises that use Microsoft Teams with specialist recording needs, especially where compliance of some kind is required.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Opus are perfectly placed to help you achieve more from your Microsoft Teams technology investment.

Get in touch today and book your free no obligation consultation to find out more.

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