The benefits of IT support services

And why managed IT support is important to your business technology strategy

The new importance of IT support services

Two years into the pandemic, it has become clear that the future will belong to those organisations putting technology at the centre of their operations. Looking forward, how are companies rethinking the role of technology in their overall business strategy?

The pandemic has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. The imperative for a strategic approach to technology has become universal. And yet, many organisations could be missing opportunities to invest in the areas of their business that are most at risk of digital disruption.

Third-party IT services, delivered by specialist managed service providers, can play a crucial role in helping organisations to close this gap, reduce risk and future-proof their operations.

This page explores what IT service provision looks like today, how it benefits organisations, the role IT services play in achieving digital transformation in the post-pandemic era and how the Opus Together range is helping organisations across the public and private sectors to deliver integrated technology strategies that support the whole business.

How technology affects business strategy

Digital transformation was accelerating across industries well before the global health crisis. In an increasingly connected world, digital technology offers organisations the ability to unify communications, enable business-wide collaboration and unlock new efficiencies.

At the same time, the uptake of digital consumer technology and innovations in everyday devices like smartphones and PCs continues to transform customer expectations around digital accessibility. More and more, customers expect to be able to contact organisations with queries at any time, from any place, using the device or platform of their choosing.

Technology is not just affecting business strategies; it is shaping them on a fundamental level. To maximise the value they get out of their technology investments and deliver customer-centric strategies that offer exceptional experiences, organisations must take technology into consideration at every stage of their planning and strategy process.

“The rise of remote and hybrid working, has been a catalyst for many businesses to start adopting new technologies and speed up the process of digital transformation. One of the key technologies that can enable digital transformation is moving to the cloud..”

Five reasons moving to the cloud can accelerate digital transformation’, Opus

How to create a business technology strategy

As digital adoption has increased, so the role of IT within the business has changed. As recently as five years ago, effective technology strategies centred around the IT department and its responsibilities: managing the network and firefighting IT issues as they happened.

Now, those responsibilities have shifted. Digital technology forms the backbone of every function within a modern business, placing much greater demand on IT management and support, often well beyond the resourcing and the capabilities of small, in-house IT teams.

This makes it difficult and financially unviable for companies to devote time, effort and budget to maintain IT infrastructure as well as the myriad of different devices across the organisation. As a result, many companies still operate on older, outdated IT legacy systems where devices are unaligned to the user requirement needed for a modern workplace.

Today, the most effective technology strategies are those that serve the whole business, promoting integrated technology solutions and leveraging where necessary third-party IT support services to deliver results and maximise the value of the wider IT estate.

benefits of IT support services

“A redoubling of digital transformation efforts is required to enable organisations to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and thrive in the future. Deloitte highlights that emphasis needs to be placed on improving cloud infrastructure, data and analytics capabilities, cybersecurity, and business model transformation.”

Transform your business with tech-as-a-service’, Opus

What does IT support do?

Also known as ‘tech-as-a-service’, IT support takes different forms, but broadly speaking it involves consultation, strategy design, implementation/integration, and a number of wrap-around services to enable organisations to get the most out of their IT estates.

Businesses who move to the tech-as-a-service (Taas) model typically gain access to the latest hardware and software technology with a wrap of tailored service and support around it. Software updates, upgrades and installations can be included in a service package and all managed externally, giving CIOs and other IT leaders more freedom to focus on their core business activities and game-changing digital transformation strategies.

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The cost of implementing a totally new IT infrastructure as capital expenditure is not small. However, with the TaaS subscription model, companies can budget more effectively for change and upscale gradually or in-line with business growth.

The move to TaaS ultimately means that all employees will have access to the latest technology, updates and refreshes that will build a modern workplace.

Some providers operate strictly as vendors, helping organisations to purchase and deploy the right solutions. Others operate in an ongoing capacity as partners, or an extension of the organisation’s in-house team. This is the role of a managed service provider (MSP).

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“Digital transformation is not a one-off change, it’s a constant evolution. That’s why as part of our Opus Modernise services, we can help you establish your technology strategy, working in partnership with you to support you on your technology roadmap.”

Transform your business with tech-as-a-service’, Opus

What is a managed service provider?

What is a managed service provider?

Organisations are more likely to choose an MSP if they’re considering digital transformation or have a complex IT estate made up of multiple systems, all requiring ongoing support and management. It’s also possible that they currently leverage multiple IT service providers for different parts of their IT estate and want to streamline these costs with a single provider.

Standard services provided by MSPs include:

  • Service desk — for managing IT incidents such as outages, making standard service requests, and generally handling customer communications.
  • On-site support — made up of routine site visits and on-demand call-outs from senior engineers, solutions consultants and account managers.
  • Outsourced IT — an all-encompassing service wrap, featuring complete remote and onsite support, along with managed proactive monitoring and patching services. Typically includes a dedicated account manager. 
  • Bespoke cover packages — outlining additional options, for example 24/7 cover.

In any case, the IT service provider supports the business in IT-related matters, sharing their deep vendor/platform knowledge and delivering practical implementations/integrations to help the organisation meet the technology demands of its business and its customers.

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The benefits of IT support services

There are numerous benefits to engaging an IT service provider. At Opus, our goal is to only partner with organisations where we can truly add value. We are best able to do this when customers value and rely on the technology they use, when they require complex, multi-site solutions or have compliance issues to overcome, or when they’re poorly supported by their current providers.

What benefits do organisations see from working with us or other IT support providers?

Cost-effective expertise and experience

The perspective of an experienced and highly qualified team is invaluable in terms of assessing all aspects of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, as is its advice on the technology, support and training required to manage, maintain and protect the business. MSPs take this one step further, providing the option of 24/7 support and in-house expertise whenever an organisation needs it most.

Reduce costs with the Opus Together range, offering streamlined services from a single IT partner.

Flexibility to adapt

The increase in employees working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is just one recent example of how organisations have had to pivot their business technology strategies to meet changing IT demands. IT support services can play a critical role in helping organisations to adapt to these changes quickly, with minimal disruption.

Disaster recovery

In today’s digital world, data is the most valuable asset a company has – and to lose that data, or access to that data, could put the entire organisation at risk. With data spread across various cloud providers, staff working from home, and increased ‘Bring Your Own Device’ initiatives, it’s important that organisations can be certain their information is safe at all times – even when being accessed on an employee’s personal device.

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Resilient and secure infrastructure

Digital transformation and cloud migration services help organisations to embrace technology and gain an efficient and resilient IT infrastructure. The proven methodologies typically employed by IT service providers, combined with their engineering excellence, minimise disruption and ensure successful project deployment and technology adoption.

Find out more about the Professional Services available from Opus.

Future-proofed services and up-to-date software

As accredited vendor partners, most IT service providers can offer the best solutions and services tailored to every business. Their expert knowledge of those products and services currently available to the market is matched only by their advanced knowledge of software updates and other vendor innovations, helping organisations to keep their systems cutting edge and their capabilities ahead of the curve.

Microsoft Gold Partner Accreditation

Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Productivity for enterprise level solutions.  This means our customers only ever receive the very highest standards of customer service, technical and engineering support from a team that are skilled and accredited to the very highest level.

Our team are experts in delivering innovative Microsoft 365 solutions, translating your strategy into a value added solution to meet the demands of today’s modern workplace requirements.

Find out more about our Gold Partner accreditation here

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we work together with you to provide value added support for all your Microsoft services, providing a tailored and unique proposition that is aligned to your strategy and budgetary requirements.

Our Microsoft Services explained’, Opus

Our IT Services

Our IT services are designed to help you create a seamless, efficient and secure modern workplace.   We believe that establishing your technology stragegy and digital transformation roadmap is an evolutionary process.

Our goal is to work in partnership with you, to constantly measure the effectiveness and digital output of the changes made, on your organisation, to ensure that they delivering the desired gains identified at the outset. We will then work with you, as your trusted technology partner, to manage any further changes, as your business objectives or technology evolves.

Find out more about our IT Services below.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 solutions are designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security.

Learn more

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate anywhere, anytime, on any device by unleashing the power of your team, allowing them to communication in the moment.

Learn More

microsoft teams business voice plus

Microsoft Teams Business Voice

Teams business voice is the phone system within Microsoft Teams bringing together IT and telephony into one to deliver a complete solution.

Learn More 

8x8 Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Business Voice Plus

Enterprise business telephony for your Teams collaboration suite, powered by the UK’s number one SIP trunk provider and supported by Opus.

Learn More 

Microsoft Teams recording

Architecture Services

Architecture, deployment, migration and support for your essential IT services – find out how Opus can bring your offices up to speed.

Learn More

cloud IT services

Azure Cloud IT

Leverage the power of the world’s largest footprint cloud platform and gain maximum return on investment with our fully managed Microsoft Azure cloud IT services.

Learn More

Azure Express Route

Azure Express Route

With our ExpressRoute solution, you can unlock your business’s potential with connectivity to a world-class application powered by the Microsoft Cloud.

Learn More 

azure virtual WAN

Azure Virtual WAN

Our Azure Virtual WAN solution can help you modernise your connectivity and seamlessly plan, configure and deploy new connections that are scalable and managed by a unified portal.

Learn More 

Keep your essential data and systems secure and compliant

In addition to providing a full Microsoft technology wrap, we know that your data is often the most valuable asset you have – to lose it could put your entire business at risk.

Our Opus Secure services provide zero-trust security solutions ensuring availability and compliance of your data at all times, as well as managing cyber security threats and poor employee digital behaviour. Whether you are looking for application, endpoint or network security storage and backup solutions, Opus is here to support you. We offer advice, training, management and support to help you identify and mitigate risks and vulnerabilities and guide you through your zero-trust journey.

Find out more about our Opus Secure Solutions here.

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Achieve more with our managed service support

Transfer simple work from expensive engineering teams and enable them to focus on activities that add more value to your organisation with our managed service delivery.

Outsourced IT

Outsourcing your IT to Opus means you receive the most comprehensive, all-encompassing service wrap, featuring complete remote and onsite support along with our managed proactive monitoring and patching services. We manage everything within your technology infrastructure, including dealing with third-party providers, so you maintain a single point of contact in our service desk.

In addition, your business is assigned a dedicated account manager, who sits within your offices on a regular basis, providing deep analysis and insight into the service performance, along with detailed strategy and forecasting for technology evolution.

Finally, your entire organisation benefits from stringent service level agreements and priority access to our senior helpdesk team leaders and technical staff for when you need us most.

Remote Support

Full support for end users or hybrid support in tandem with internal IT teams, our remote service packs provide first, second and third line expertise backed by industry-leading service levels.

managed IT support

Onsite Support

Regular proactive site visits and on-demand onsite response from senior engineers, solutions consultants and account managers.

True Cover

We offer a choice of business hours or 24×7 cover for your complete peace of mind.

Could your organisation benefit from our managed support services? Book a discovery session with our expert team.

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Find out about our full range of Opus Together Solutions

An organisation’s technology rarely operates in isolation.  Our Opus Together solutions help to you to Connect, Communication, Engage, Modernise, Secure and Document your business.

Each of our six solutions are all designed to complement one another to provide a full technology wrap tailored for your business needs, allowing you to join all the dots seamlessly and reach your full potential.

Find out more about our Opus Together Solutions here.

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