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Video Conferencing

Communicate face-to-face more frequently without the cost and time of travel

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Video Conferencing

The adoption of video conferencing means businesses are no longer limited by the budget, time and physical constraints traditionally associated with face-to-face meetings.

Opus works with a number of leading video conferencing specialists to deliver solutions which provides HD quality video conferencing over everyday IP networks using standard equipment. So there is no need for expensive hardware and proprietary networks.

Over both wired and wireless connections, our services provide dramatic advantages in video quality, scalability and resilience, eliminating the user and support team headaches that are common with less advanced solutions.

This allows participants to experience consistent audio and video quality, whether they are accessing a meeting via smartphone, desktop or conferencing suite, and regardless of where they are in the world.

Features and benefits

  • Enable your mobile workforce to communicate and collaborate more effectively Increase your productivity, regardless of where staff are located
  • Reduce business travel expenses and improve your environmental credentials
  • Facilitate faster and more informed decisions through real-time communication and information sharing
  • Enable people to communicate face-to-face more frequently, and so build closer working relationships
  • Improve staff retention and recruitment rates through better work/life balance

How can we help

In order to maximise your return on investment, a video conferencing solution must be developed around your users’ specific needs. So we take great care to make sure the solutions we design will work across all of the office environments and mobile devices that your business uses.

Our first step is to understand your business, so that we can tailor a solution that includes the appropriate products and services. We’ll then remain involved throughout the process, from creating an implementation plan to installing products and providing ongoing support.

Our services include desktop and room-based video conferencing as well as high definition solutions for tablets and smartphones. Extensions for Microsoft Outlook and Skype 4 Business are also available to integrate email, calendar and Unified Communications workflows with HD video collaboration. This enables users to host, schedule and join conferences with one-click simplicity, for participants both inside and outside the organisation.

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