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Call Transfers

What are Call Transfers?

Call transfers, also known as call forwarding, involve the process of redirecting an incoming call to another phone or messaging system. This can be accomplished through a dedicated call transfer button on a physical phone or via Microsoft Teams or other call transfer software.

Depending on the specific system, the recipient of the call transfer may have the option to accept or refuse the call. Typically, a transfer includes the phone number of the original caller or other identifying information. In more sophisticated business phone systems, additional information, such as notes from previous handlers of the call, can be transferred along with the call.

Call Transfer Features

Call transfer systems offer numerous benefits to both large and small organisations. These solutions enhance employee availability, allowing them to provide support even when out of the office. For instance, a traveling employee can set up call forwarding from a desk phone to a mobile phone, ensuring continuous contact and making the workforce more mobile.

Call transferring can significantly improve customer service. Call centres or help desks with regional calling codes can efficiently forward calls to a single switchboard. Using local area codes enhances convenience for customers, and consolidating transfers to a single switchboard results in quicker response times.

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