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Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking Software?

Call tracking software is a technology tool designed to capture and analyse data related to inbound phone calls. It enables businesses to monitor and measure various aspects of calls, including the caller’s name, phone number, call duration, and the marketing source that led to the call. This software plays a crucial role in assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, understanding customer interactions, and making data-driven decisions to optimise communication strategies.

What marketing channels can be tracked by call tracking?


Call tracking software offers a range of benefits for businesses, enhancing both marketing and operational aspects. Businesses can precisely measure Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) by attributing calls to specific channels, providing insights into the most effective campaigns. The software also delves into Customer Insights, allowing businesses to tailor strategies based on customer preferences and behaviours.

  • Google Ads / Bing Ads
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Organic Traffic
  • Paid traffic from other online ads
  • Google My Business Listing Traffic
  • Directory traffic sources
  • PR traffic sources

What details can call tracking capture?


Caller Information

This includes details such as the caller’s name, phone number, and location.

Call Duration

The software records the duration of each call, providing insights into the length of interactions.

Call Source

It identifies the marketing source or campaign that prompted the call, helping businesses assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Call Recording

Some call tracking software allows for the recording of calls, providing a valuable resource for training, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Call Analytics

The software analyses call data to generate insights into call patterns, customer behaviour, and campaign performance.

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