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Number Porting

What is Number Porting?

Number porting is the process of transferring an existing phone number to another provider. There are two types of number porting, local number porting and full mobile number porting.

Local number porting deals with number porting that relates to fixed lines. Full mobile number porting relates to the process of changing your mobile number to a different service provider, upgrading your existing service, or moving the number to a different location entirely.

The differences between Call Forwarding and Number Porting

Number porting is typically a permanent action that involves moving a phone number to a new provider, resulting in the closure of the old account associated with the number. In contrast, call forwarding maintains the old account association of the number but redirects calls to another number or individual.

The benefits of Number Porting

Historically, changing telecom providers meant acquiring a new phone number, prompting businesses to endure the inconvenience of retaining vendors longer than desired. Number porting eliminates this challenge, granting businesses the flexibility to switch communication providers without the need to inform customers and clients of the number change. From the customer’s perspective, everything remains unchanged, while the organisation benefits from the services of a communication provider that aligns with its business needs.

When to Port Business Phone Numbers

When porting numbers to a new provider, the porting process should precede the service switch to ensure seamless continuity of service. Completing the porting before the service transition guarantees zero interruption. Only after the porting process is finalised should the business terminate any existing lines with the previous telecom provider.

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