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ActiveX Controls

What are contact centre ActiveX Controls?

ActiveX Controls are a technology developed by Microsoft that enable software developers to create interactive and reusable components or objects. These components can be embedded within various types of software applications, including web pages and desktop applications. ActiveX Controls provide enhanced functionality and interactivity to these applications, making it possible to integrate features like buttons, text boxes, video players, and more seamlessly into the user interface.

One of the key advantages of ActiveX Controls is their reusability. Developers can either create custom controls to suit their specific needs or utilise pre-built controls, saving time and effort in the software development process. These controls are versatile and can be integrated into different programming languages, such as Visual Basic, C++ and scripting languages like JavaScript or VBScript, making them accessible for a wide range of applications.

Historically, ActiveX Controls were commonly used in web applications, particularly with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. However, over time, they have faced significant security concerns. ActiveX Controls have the ability to execute arbitrary code on a user’s machine, making them a potential vector for malware and security threats. Consequently, many modern web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, have deprecated or severely limited support for ActiveX Controls in order to enhance security.

As a result of these security concerns, alternative technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, and Web Components have gained popularity for achieving similar levels of interactivity and functionality in web applications without the associated security risks. These alternatives have enabled developers to create rich and interactive web content in a more secure and cross-browser-compatible manner. Consequently, the use of ActiveX Controls has declined significantly in recent years in favour of these safer and more versatile alternatives.

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