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Call Centre Agent Scorecards

What are call centre agent scorecards?

A call centre agent scorecard enables supervisors to gauge and continually monitor the performance of individual call centre agents.

What is measured on a call centre agents scorecard?

Call Resolution: The scorecard evaluates an agent’s ability to resolve customer issues promptly and effectively. Metrics in this category assess the percentage of issues resolved during the initial call, as well as the need for follow-up or escalation.

Customer Satisfaction: The level of customer satisfaction is a pivotal metric, often measured through post-interaction surveys or customer feedback. It provides insights into the agent’s ability to meet customer needs and expectations.

Call Handling Time: Efficiency is a cornerstone of call centre operations. Metrics related to call handling time assess an agent’s ability to provide timely support while ensuring that interactions do not linger unnecessarily, optimising resource utilisation.

Adherence to Scripts and Procedures: In scenarios where scripts or predefined procedures are employed, adherence to these guidelines is paramount. The scorecard assesses an agent’s compliance with scripts and procedures to maintain consistency and compliance.

First Call Resolution (FCR): FCR is a critical KPI that measures the percentage of customer inquiries or issues resolved during the initial call, without the need for follow-up interactions. A high FCR rate is indicative of efficient service.

Average Handle Time (AHT): AHT measures the average duration an agent spends on a call, encompassing both talk time and after-call work. It helps assess an agent’s efficiency in managing interactions.

Call Abandonment Rate: This metric examines the percentage of calls that customers abandon while waiting in the queue. A high abandonment rate can signify inefficiencies in call handling or inadequate staffing levels.

Conversion Rate (for sales-related calls): In outbound call centres focused on sales and marketing, the conversion rate gauges an agent’s success in converting leads into sales or achieving predefined objectives.

Availability and Schedule Adherence: Agents are often assigned specific schedules. Availability and adherence metrics track an agent’s punctuality, breaks, and adherence to assigned shifts.

Error Rate: Error rate metrics evaluate the frequency of errors made by agents, which can encompass data entry errors, inaccuracies in information provided, or procedural violations.


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