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Contact Centre API

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of defined rules, protocols, and tools that enable different software applications to communicate and collaborate effectively. APIs dictate how applications can request and exchange information or perform specific tasks, simplifying integration without the need to understand the internal workings of the software. They facilitate interoperability, modularity, scalability, and data security, serving as the foundation for modern software development and enabling applications to work together seamlessly. APIs also come with documentation to guide developers in their usage.

Why are APIs important in contact centres?

In contact centres, various software tools play important roles, from CRM systems to order entry platforms, IVRs, reporting software, and ACDs, among others. These tools often need to work together seamlessly to ensure a unified omnichannel customer experience. A key factor in achieving this seamless integration is the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). Therefore, when choosing third-party software solutions, contact centres should prioritise those that offer APIs, as they facilitate the path to omnichannel success.


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Opus are the leading specialist contact centre reseller in the UK. We have a dedicated consultancy team who are technology agnostic in their consultative approach to contact centre design, deployment and ongoing support. Often, a combination of two or more contact centre partners are used to deliver specific business outcomes delivering added value to our clients but also solutions fit for your organisations specific needs.

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