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Omnichannel Customer Journey

What is an omnichannel customer journey in a contact centre?

An omnichannel customer journey in a contact centre refers to the customer’s interaction and experience with a business across multiple communication channels in a seamless and integrated manner. This approach accommodates customers needs engage with organisations through various touchpoints, including phone calls, email, chat, social media, in-person visits, and more. The concept of an omnichannel customer journey ensures that customers can transition between these channels without disruption and receive consistent, personalised service throughout their interactions.

Key aspects of a contact centre omnichannel customer journey


Seamless Transition

Customers can begin their interaction with a business on one channel and transition to another without the need to repeat information or start over. For example, a customer may initiate a support request via livechat and later switch to a phone call, and the agent will still have full access to the chat history and context of the conversation.

Contextual Understanding

Agents have access to a comprehensive view of the customer’s interaction history and information from all previous touchpoints. This enables agents to provide more personalised and relevant assistance, as they can understand the customer’s needs, history, as well as their personal preferences.


Each interaction is tailored to the individual customer based on their preferences, history, and context. Agents can offer recommendations, solutions, or products that are highly relevant to the customer, fostering a more personalised and positive experience.


An omnichannel approach reduces customer effort and enhances efficiency. Agents can leverage information from past interactions to resolve issues more quickly and effectively. This minimises the need for customers to repeat themselves and streamlines the support process.

Channel Flexibility

Customers have the freedom to choose the channel that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether they prefer email, social media, chat, or phone calls, they can engage with the business in the way they find most convenient.

Data Integration

An omnichannel approach relies on integrated systems and databases, ensuring that data is shared consistently across all channels. This means that information from one interaction can be used to inform subsequent interactions, allowing for a complete and unified view of the customer journey.

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