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Contact Centre Call Recording

What is contact centre call recording?

Contact centre call recording refers to the practice of recording and storing audio or video recordings of telephone or other communication interactions between agents and customers within a contact centre. This technology is used to capture and archive conversations that take place between agents and customers during inbound or outbound calls, as well as other forms of communication such as chats, emails, and video calls, depending on the contact centre’s capabilities.

The benefits of call recording in a call centre

Quality Assurance

Call recording allows contact centre supervisors and quality assurance teams to review interactions between agents and customers to assess the quality of service provided. They can evaluate factors like agent performance, adherence to scripts and guidelines, and customer satisfaction.

Training and Coaching

Recorded calls serve as valuable training resources. Contact centre managers can use these recordings for agent coaching and training purposes, helping agents improve their communication skills, handle difficult situations, and better meet customer needs.


In some industries, there are legal requirements or regulations (e.g., in healthcare or finance) that mandate the recording and retention of customer interactions for compliance purposes. Call recording helps organisations adhere to these regulations.

Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes or misunderstandings between agents and customers, call recordings can serve as objective evidence to resolve conflicts and verify the details of past conversations.

Customer Insights

Analysing recorded calls can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and pain points. Contact centres can use this data to enhance customer service strategies and improve the overall customer experience.


Call recording systems can be used to monitor and identify potential security threats or fraudulent activities during customer interactions.

Record Keeping

Organisations may use call recording as a part of their record-keeping processes, maintaining an archive of customer interactions for future reference or auditing purposes.


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