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Contact Centre Shrinkage

What are shrinkage in a contact centre?

In a contact centre, shrinkage is a crucial metric that represents the amount of time when employees are unavailable to handle customer interactions during their scheduled working hours. Shrinkage encompasses various factors that can lead to agent unavailability and has a significant impact on the centre’s overall operational efficiency and customer service.

What contributes to contact centre shrinkage?

Agent Breaks

One of the primary contributors to shrinkage is the scheduling of breaks and meal times for agents. Agents are entitled to regular breaks and lunch periods, and the time spent on these activities is considered part of the shrinkage calculation. While breaks are essential for agent well-being, they affect their availability for customer interactions.

Unscheduled Absences

Unscheduled absences also contribute to shrinkage. When agents are absent due to reasons like sickness or personal matters, they are unavailable for customer interactions, leading to gaps in service coverage.

Agent Training

Training and meetings are another aspect of shrinkage. Agents often need to undergo training sessions or attend team meetings to enhance their skills and knowledge. During these sessions, they are temporarily unavailable for handling customer interactions.

Agent Scheduling

Ensuring adherence to the agent’s schedule is vital for managing shrinkage effectively. If agents deviate from their scheduled hours or log in late, it can result in unproductive time and reduced availability.

Unforeseen Downtime

System downtime, such as technical issues or scheduled maintenance, can render agents unable to work, contributing to shrinkage. During these periods, agents cannot access the necessary tools to assist customers.

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