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Contact Centre Text To Speech (TTS)

What is Text to Speech in a contact centre?

Text-to-Speech (TTS) in a contact centre refers to the technology and capability to convert text-based information, such as customer enquiries or responses stored as text, into spoken words. This technology is used to automate the process of reading text aloud, allowing for a more natural and efficient interaction between customers and contact centre agents or automated systems.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology plays a crucial role in contact centres, offering various applications to enhance customer interactions and operational efficiency. 

TTS reduces agent workload and boost efficiency

TTS contributes to the optimisation of contact centre operations by reducing agent workload. For routine and repetitive tasks, TTS automates the reading of textual information, enabling agents to dedicate their time and expertise to more complex and value-added tasks.

TTS used with IVR systems

One prominent use of TTS is within Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems. In this context, IVR systems leverage TTS to convert menu options, prompts, and informational messages into spoken language, facilitating customer engagement and responses when they interact with the IVR.

TTS makes it easier to understand written data

Another valuable application of TTS is in the realm of reading customer information. Often, customer data resides as text in databases. TTS can be employed to vocalise this information, streamlining accessibility and communication of pertinent details between agents and customers during interactions.

TTS benefits the customer and agent

TTS extends its utility to the generation of automated notifications and alerts within contact centres. For instance, TTS can be employed to relay critical updates, such as changes in a customer’s account status, efficiently communicating this information to both customers and agents.

TTS makes communication more inclusive

TTS also plays a vital role in ensuring accessibility. It is indispensable for making contact centre services inclusive to individuals with visual impairments. TTS can audibly relay text information, making services more accessible and equitable.


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