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What is Bluetooth on a mobile device?

Bluetooth on a mobile device is a wireless technology that allows the device to establish short-range communication with other Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices, audio accessories and IoT. It facilitates the exchange of data without the need for physical cables. Bluetooth is found on the majority of modern mobile devices, tablets and laptops and accessories.


How can you use Bluetooth on a mobile device?

File Sharing 

Bluetooth enables users to share files, such as photos, videos, and documents, between two Bluetooth-enabled devices. This is often used for quick and convenient file transfer without relying on an internet connection.

Wireless Audio

Bluetooth is widely used for wireless audio connections. Users can connect their mobile devices to Bluetooth-enabled headphones, speakers, car audio systems, or other audio devices, allowing for a cable-free listening experience.

Peripheral Connectivity

Mobile devices can connect to Bluetooth-enabled peripherals like keyboards, mice, and printers. This can be useful for increased productivity, especially when working on documents or presentations using a tablet or smartphone.


Bluetooth tethering allows a mobile device to share its internet connection with another device, such as a laptop or tablet. This is useful when Wi-Fi or cellular data is not available, providing a way to get online.

Hands-Free Calling

Many cars and accessories support Bluetooth hands-free calling. Users can connect their mobile phones to their car’s audio system or a Bluetooth headset, allowing them to make and receive calls without physically handling the phone.

Wearable Devices

Bluetooth is commonly used to connect mobile devices to wearables like smartwatches and fitness trackers. This enables the exchange of data between the devices, such as fitness information or notifications.

Automated Tasks 

Bluetooth can be utilised to trigger automated tasks based on proximity. For example, a mobile device can automatically connect to a Bluetooth speaker when it’s within range or activate certain settings when paired with specific devices.

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